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Maha-SamjiviniDevas are the activating energy of the S’rî Chakra through your Âtman, and supplemented by the Mahâ-Samjîvinîs.

A Mahâ-Samjîvinî is the resonance pattern of a special combination of powerful Bîja Mantras, Devas and Nature Spirits that has been infused into a yantra and activated with S’akti. There are a total of 64 Mahâ-Samjîvinî Yantras, each one with a unique function for activating the S’rî Chakra.

Mahâ-Samjîvinîs do their work on the level of the gross physical body (Anamâyâ Kosha) and the Prânamâyâ Kosha by correcting imbalances and restructuring the body for the perfect health required to support higher states of consciousness. Because of the incremental changes that are required to take you from your current state of health to perfect health, your Âtman must implement a unique program for you to utilize some of the Mahâ-Samjîvinî Yantras each time you conduct the Phase III S'rî Chakra Activation. See Âtmavedî, Part II, a full set of activated Mahâ-Samjîvinî Yantras is supplied with Âtmavedî, Part II.