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S'akti is intelligent energy and the source of S'akti for each individual is the Âtman. During the S'akti Consultation you will be guided into a direct and personal relationship with your Âtman. With this connection, you will be able to ask your Âtman for healing S'akti and the channel for this S'akti to come to you will be open.

We are each and everyone self-sufficient and complete. In fact we are all in Brahman Consciousness already and simply do not know it. Lord Brahma is the Creator and we all live within His Omnipresent Consciousness.

Consider this analogy: The sun is always shining and bright but on some days our experience is no sun because clouds cover it. At night the sun is completely missing, but we know the sun has not "gone out" but only that the rotation of the earth is responsible for the lack of sun. Like this, the Omnipresent Consciousness of Lord Brahma is always and constantly present, only our experience of it is shrouded.

You can heal yourself through connection with your Âtman. During your S'akti Consultation, to aid you in making this connection to your own infinite storehouse of S'akti, you will receive a personalized Maha-Samjivini Programme. Maha-Samjivini is the gift of perfect health to everyone from Lord Vishnu - the Grandfather of your Âtman. The Maha-Samjivini Programme consists of techniques for healing illness and creating perfect health.

You will understand the reality of perfect health that is possible when you restore your connection with your Âtman. This is because the cause of disease is rooted in a life that attempts to operate independently of the Âtman.

Your Maha-Samjivini Programme will include a set of S'akti activated Maha-Samjivini Yantras to create balance in your life and restore health. Complete instruction in the techniques for proper use of these yantras will be given so that you can begin immediately to bring in your own Âtman's healing S'akti that your body needs to structure perfect health for you. Your Jyotish Chakra will also be constructed to gain a view of your karma as it relates to your health.

  • To receive your personal S'rî Vyuha S'akti Consultation, please complete the application and provide all of the information asked for on the form. Be careful to include an accurate date, time and place of birth so that a Jyotish Chakra can be constructed for you.
  • [Application for Personal S'rî Vyuha S'akti Consultation]