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Spandas'akti - Integrating the Absolute Body with the Physical Body to Structure Physical Immortality (Âtmavedî, Part I and Part II, plus the Seven Day Course are pre-requisites)
  • The Reality of Physical Immortality
  • Activating the Absolute Body
  • Transmutation of the DNA
  • Changes in the Physical Body to Support Immortality
  • Siddhis
  • Spandas'akti Sûtras

Spandas'akti is the s'akti or creative energy that structures physical immortality. While Spandas'akti ultimately derives from Lord S'iva Himself, as does everything, it passes into our universe through the instrumentality of S'rî Lakshmî, the Divine S'akti of Lord Vishnu who is Narâyâna. From Lakshmî, Spandas'akti is given to the individual on the path to Brahman Consciousness. This is the same creative energy given to Lord Brahma by Narâyâna for the creation of our universe. 

When one enters on the path to Brahman Consciousness, the choice will be given to elect physical immortality. For those who so elect, Guru Dev will activate the connection with Spandas'akti. From that point, the physical body begins to undergo a significant transformation.

This book explains in detail the transformation of the physical body from the sickly, weak structure that supports life for only 100 years to the strong, perfected physiology that supports physical life for 100,000 years and longer.