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Unified Field of Natural Law


Maharishi 1978During the past few decades, physicists have developed a more unified understanding of the laws of nature, culminating in the recent discovery of completely unified field theories. These theories describe the unification of all particles and forces of nature in a single unified field. In physics, matter and energy are viewed as expressions of four fundamental fields: gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Quantum physics has reached such a profound level of understanding that it has been able to locate one unified field of all the laws of nature at the basis of these four fields. While the complete mathematical description of this field is still developing, it is clear that the unified field of natural law is the source of all material diversity. It transcends all existence; it is a field of pure information from which all the different forces and laws of nature sequentially emerged in the first microseconds of the creation of our universe, and from which this process is continually taking place at every moment. From the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field, all the laws of nature emerge to conduct the orderly evolution of the universe.

Rishi Devata ChandasMost striking, modern physics' description of the unified field of natural law as self-sufficient, self-interacting field of infinite intelligence and dynamism is remarkably similar to descriptions of the unified basis of creation given by the world's most ancient traditions of knowledge. In the Vedic tradition of India, all the diversity of material existence has always been described as sequentially emerging from a unified field, a self-sufficient, self-referral, unbounded and infinitely dynamic field of intelligence. In the Vedic understanding of this unified field of all the laws of nature it is in fact defined as a field of pure intelligence, pure information, pure knowledge in its most compact and concentrated form -- one unified basis of life -- Natural Law.

This video gives us the perspective of a John Hagelin, PhD, a modern scientist who is completely familiar with Maharishi's concept of the Unified Field of Natural Law. As you watch this video, keep in mind that he is referring to what we are calling the scalar field or the prana field, and describing it from the perspective of the physical realm. This is the unified source, or the potential, from where the physical realm arises. Quantum mechanics is the quaternion math of Maxwell that describes mathematically the origin of the physical universe.

Unified Field

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