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God My Love, by Maharishi


My Love
Light of The Grace
The Light of Thy Grace shines upon me.
The love of Thy Being fills my heart.
Thy Grace vibrates around me.

My Lord
My Love
In Them I rest
In Thee I dwell.
In Thee I am.

My Lord
Thou art the Whole of my being.
Thou art the very Soul of my Being.
In Thee all beings dwell.
Thou art the being of all.

My Lord
My Love
Thou art one.
Thou art One without a second.
In creation Thou art One.
Thou, One
Appearest as many.
As one seed
Appears as many leaves, branches, fruits.
And the whole of the multiple tree.

My Lord
Thou art One.
The one becomes the many.
Unity is Thy Nature.
Diversity is Thy Glory.
Thou art radiant,
Thou art Radiance of the radiant,
Brilliance of the bright.
Thou art

My Lord
The very life of all.
Thou art in everything.
All-pervading art Thou.

My Lord
Thou art everything.
Here, there and everywhere
Is Thy Glory found--

My Lord
Thy Glory is Full
Thy Grace is Full
Thou art Full
To the Fullness of my life
Thou art Full.
I am the temple of Thy Light.
The world is the abode of Thy Grace.
I am the way to Thee.

My Lord
Thou art the Goal in me.

O God
My Lord
My Love
From the window of my heart
The Light of Thine Altar shines.
From the window of my heart
The Light of Thine Altar comes.
It comes, it comes

My Lord
And spreads around,
Illumines the earth and sky,
It brightens the sun and moon,
It blesses man and the angels too.
The earth and the heavens enjoy
Thy Glory that shines,
Thy Glory that shines in full.
Thy Grace speaketh well.
It speaketh well
In silence though,

My Lord
That silence speaketh
It speaketh in Thy Grace
It speaketh of Thy Grace
The world enjoys Thy Grace
The world is full with Thy Grace.

My Lord
The world is the abode of Thy Grace.
I am the temple of Thy Light,
I am the way to Thee,

My Lord
Thou art the Goal in me.

O God
My Lord
My Love
From the window of my heart
The Light of Thine Altar comes,
The Light of Thine Altar comes,

My Lord
And overtakes my being.
It overthrows my world
And occupies my entire being.
I do not see anything,
I do not know anything,
Nothing remains.
What remains is Bliss.
The waves of Bliss,
The tidal waves of Bliss
And Bliss is all that remains

My Lord
In Bliss Thou art Full.
Thy Grace is Full.
Thy Light is Full.
In Fullness of Thy Being I adore Thee.
In fullness of my being I adore Thee.

My Lord
My Love
Thou art the whole Truth
The whole Truth, yes;
In Fullness of Thy Being
Thou art the whole Truth.
The Whole Truth
Of manifest and Unmanifest.

Thou art the whole Truth.

My Lord
Thou art the whole Truth
Of Unmanifest Divine Consciousness
And manifest multiple world awareness.
The Unmanifest Absolute Divine
And the manifest relative world;
Both are grounded in Thee.

My Lord
Thou art the whole Truth
Thou art the Truth of the Whole.
Thou art.

O God
The Truth of the whole story of life.
Thou art the Truth
Of the whole story of Creation.

My Lord
Before Creation
Thou art the Unmanifest
Pure Absolute Being.
Established in Thy Self-Consciousness.
In Thine Own Pure Existence.
Ocean of Love.

My Lord
In Thy Absolute
Thou art the whole Truth
Before creation.
Thy Grace is all that is.

My Lord
Before creation.
And then
When creation begins
Thy Grace begins to flow.
The Ocean of Thy Grace

My Lord
Begins to flow
In waves of Bliss.
And waves of Bliss then roll
In Magnitudes of joy;
And comes Thy Grace
As joys of life.

My Lord
Thy Bliss of Unity;
Remaining the Bliss of Unity
By the Grace of Thine Own Self,
By Thy Grace appears
As joys of multiple variety.

My Lord
How merciful Thou art
Thy Grace manifests as my world.
How merciful Thou art.

My Lord
Thou manifests as I.
Thy Nature manifests as my nature.
Thy Grace manifests as my world;
And yet
Thy Grace remains as Thy Grace.
Thou remainest as Thee.
Even when Thou art found as myself;
Even when Thou art found as the world;
Even then Thou remainest as Thee.

My Lord
Thy creation is Thy manifestation
In creation is cosmos.
I find Thee everywhere.
Thyself everywhere,
Thy Glory everywhere,
Thy Grace everywhere,
Thy Nature everywhere.

My Lord
My Love
Thou art everywhere.
Thou art everything.
Here, there and everywhere
All pervading

Thou art all.
Thou art this, that and all.
Thou art past present and future.
Thou art the Light of lights.
Thou art the light of the Sun,
Thou art the light of the Moon.
Thou art the light of the Stars, too.
Thou art the Great Light Effulgent
Appearing in different shades
Enlightening all avenues of life,
Thou spreadest variety
Thy Eternal Existence of Unity.
Thy Variety and Thy Unity,
Both are different shades, nay--
Not the two different shades--
One underlying the other,
One pervading the other, nay--

My Lord
There is no question
Of one and the other.
There is the One.
And that is the Other.
Thou art the One,
Thou art the Other--
And Thou art Both Together.

My Lord
This is how I understand Thee;
Thou art all Merciful.
The Bliss of Thy Unity
Thou spreadest as multiple joys,
All over, everywhere.

The Silent Ocean
Of Thy Eternal Existence
Moves as waves
  As mighty waves of creation.
And this is what they say

My Lord
Be it the silent ocean.
Be it the moving wave,
The water is the same
In the ocean and the wave.

Thou art the same.
In the state of Unmanifest
Absolute Consciousness
And in the states of manifest
Relative creation.
Thou art

My Lord
Immovable, Eternal
Ocean of Bliss.
And Thou remainest the same.
Thou remainest in Thine Eternal Glory
Even when Thou appearest
As manifest phenomenal creation.
In Thy Self

My Lord
Thou art Changeless.
This is how I know Thee.
Thou art the Whole Truth.
Thou art the Truth of the Whole.

My Lord
My Love

Thou art the whole Truth
Thou art
The Be All
Of Existence.
This is my big fortune.
This is what makes me feel Great:
"My Love is All in All."

My Love
Glory to Thee
Thou art Full
The Absolute and the relative
Are the two fields of Thy Being,
The two fields of Thy Eternal Existence.
The two fields of Thy Grace.

My Lord
Thou art Full.
In the field of the Transcendental Unity
Thou art Full.
And in the fields of the obvious multiplicity.
In both Thou art Full.

My Lord

Thou art Full in Thy Glory,
In Thy Glory Thou art Full,
Ever Full.

My Lord
The Absolute is Thy state of Rest.
In relative fields Thou playest.
This is how I know Thee.
This is how I know Thee.

My Lord
For a common man,
The times of night and day
Are Thy times of Rest and Play.

My Lord
I know
There is something more to it.

O My Lord
Let me say it
Or, come on Thyself,
Give it out.
Come on, speak through me
Give out the mystery that goes with Thee
Between Thyself
Between Thy Time of rest and play.

My Lord
They say
The Absolute is Thy State of Rest,
In relative fields Thou playest.
But I feel, I know for certain
There is something more to it.

My Lord
My Love
Come on, give it out.
Reveal the mystery
And clear it out.
Reveal the mystery
And clear out the clouds of ignorance
So that man sees Thee
Face to Face

My Lord
For Thy Grace is Full.
But hidden behind the veil of that mystery.
The common enjoys not.
The Champion of Thy Playfield
The man
Fails to enjoy it.
The man fails to enjoy Thy Grace.
And not only that,
He begins to suffer.

My Lord.
And suffering Thou likest not.
I am sure.
It does not belong to Thee.
It does not belong
To Thy Merciful and Almighty Nature.
It does not belong to Thy Kingdom of Heaven.
Suffering is foreign to Thee.
It is foreign to Thy Field

My Lord
It does not belong to Thee.
So I beseech Thee:

O God
Take off the veil
And come and say:
Thy time of rest
Is not other
Than the time of Thy Play.
Say and let it be known

My Lord
That Thy Field of Rest
Is no other
Than Thy Field of Play.
Say it out loud

My Lord
Say it and let it be heard by all
That Thou restest even when Thou playest,
And Thou playest even when Thou restest.
Thou art present as Unmanifest
Throughout the manifest creation.
Admit it

O My Lord
At least for those who are seeking
And wandering for Thy sake.
At least for the seekers of Thy Grace,
Admit it

My Lord
And say that Thou art present where they are
And they are present where Thou art.
Thou art prsent in creation
As is the oil present in the seed.
As is the butter present in the milk.
As the water present in the ice.

My Lord
Say that Thou art present everywhere
Let it be known that Thou art ever Full.
In everything,
At every place,
At every time,
The whole creation breathes Thy Fullness.

My Lord
In Fullness of Thy Grace was all that was.
In Fullness of Thy Grace is all that is.
In Fullness of Thy Grace will all be that will be.

Thou art ever Full

My Lord
Thou art in Thy Fullness of Eternal Being
Even when Thyself is playing the role
Of temporary, phenomenal existence.
The ever-changing world
And the never-changing Self,
The relative and the Absolute.
The manifrst and the Unmanifest,
Both are the expressions
Of Thy Eternal Glory,
Both reveal only
Thy Eternal Grace,
Both are the modes
Of Thy True Nature.
Thy True Nature

My Lord
Is neither Absolute nor relative,
For it is Absolute and relative
Both together.
It is mysteriously both together.

My Lord
This is Thy Essential Nature.
This is Thy Essential Nature.

This is Thy Merciful Nature.
Thou holdest both the two extremities of life
Ever steadfast in Thy Nature,
So that no one may miss Thee,
So that no one may miss Thy Grace.
This is Thy Almighty Merciful Nature.

My Lord
Wherever one is,
On whatever plane of evolution,
Thou art present,
Here, there and everywhere
In all Thy Glory
With all Thy Grace.

My Lord
No one can ever miss Thee.
This is Thy Almighty Merciful Nature
Ever present
In Fullness of Thy Grace.

My Lord
Thou art all Merciful.
That is why.
Thou art Unmanifest and Thou art manifest
And Thou art manifest and Unmanifest
Both together.

My Lord
Thou art Changeless Eternal
And Thou art everchanging, temporary.
Thou art Eternal and temporary.
Both together

My Lord
As the cotton appears as thread
And the thread appears as the cloth
So does the Unmanifest Pure Consciousness,

Appear as the manifest world
Of forms and phenomenon.
Entire creation
Is the expression of Thy Glory.

My Lord
Thou art the Whole Truth
Thou art the Whole reality of life
Thou art the Whole life
Of the creation and the Beyond.
Eternal is Thy Glory

My Lord
Thou art Full
Everywhere is full of Thy Glory
Every time and every Space
Breathes Life in Thy Grace.

My Lord
My Love
My life flows
In Thine Eternity
The changing phases of my life,
The body and the surroundings
And the non-changing Soul within;
They all go hand in hand
In Thy all-embracing Grace.

My Lord
I feel Thou art happy
My changing features change
And they will keep on changing
And this process of renewal will continue,
And this is how it will continue to be
The manifested aspect of Thy Race,
While the Eternal
Unmanifested aspect of Thy Grace
Ever dwells
In the unchanging phase of my life.
Thy eternal Grace
Is deeply rooted in my Eternal Soul,
And Thy fleeting Grace
Is always enlightening my life.

My Lord
My Love
Thou art ever present in me
With all Thy Glory
With all Thy Glory
Of Thy True Eternal Nature

My Lord
Thou art ever present in me.
How inseparable from me is Thy Love.

My Lord
My Love
I dwell in Thee
Thou ever dwellest in me.
My days and nights,
And dreaming states
Present no problems for Thee;
And for me, also,
As far as Thou art concerned
They are no barrier.

My Lord
Eternal is my hold on Thee.
And steadfast is Thy grip on me.
For I in Thee
And Thee in me
We both go on together
In the Unity of two lives, nay,
Nay, not in the Unity of two lives.
But in the Unity of One life.
In the natural Oneness of Existence
Thou hast accepted me
And I have absorbed Thee
In the Oneness of life.
I, in the Oneness of Thy Life;
And Thou in the Oneness of my life.
Stand absorbed,
Thou in me
And I in Thee.
Now, the Eternal Stream of life is to go on
As long as it is to go on.
And I know
It is to go on for all time.
For they say,
In the countryside they say:
"When the agreement has been made,
The gentelmen do not break."

My Lord
My Love
There can not be any break.
Thy Grace is ever Full.
It is Full in the making,
And it is Full in the breaking.
The making and the breaking of the world,
Do not make or break
Thy Grace is Full forever.

My Lord
The world goes on as it goes,
Or as it chooses to go;
It goes on its way
Its ever-changing way.

My Lord
Thy Grace changes not.
It is Full forever.
Its level changes not.
I know it,
And I know it once forever.
Thy Grace is Full,
And never forever it is less full.

My Lord
My Love
How can Thou be less than Full.
Thou art in Thy Eternal Perfection
Thou art never less and never more
Thou art ever Full.

My Lord
Thy Grace is ever Full
I am Full in Thy Grace
Thou art Full in my being.
The stream of Fullness flows
From me to Thee
From Thee to me
And brings thw two together.
Leaves us both together
In Oneness of existence
In Fullness of Thy Race
In fullness of my being.
My being is infused with Thy Grace
And Thy Grace accepts my being.

My Lord
I dwell in Thee.
Let me say it
I like it.

My Lord
I love to say:
I adore Thee!
I love to say:
I dwell in Thee and Thou dwellest in me
It is no more a secret now.
somehow the wind has gone that way
And believe me
, Without my telling anyone
Without ever telling
They have known it
They have known it all.
And now,

My Lord
Thou art exposed
What to do?
I do no think that anything can be done
To undo this and get back
What has gone in the air.
Why should we care?

My Lord
Thou art exposed
That is al.
Thou art never hidden anyway,
Ar Thou?
That is why I see no reason why
Thy Glory be not sung.

My Lord
I sing it,
For I like it,
I like to sing it.
I love to sing Thy Grace.

My Lord
My Love
I love to sing Thee
My being vibrates with Thee.
I sing aloud Thy Grace

My Lord
I do not know how Thou likest it
I only know that I like it
I like to sing Thy Grace.

My Lord
And I know
When I begin, I begin so abrubtly,
I know now
When I began, I began so abrubtly,
From the loudest note I began.
For I could not sing it low
Thy Grace of Eternity.
Thy Glory of Eternity
I could not sing it low.
The Glory of Eternal Life
I know not how to sing it low.
So I blew my trumpet full!
It echoed around the world
How it sounded to Thee, I do now know,
But to me it has been fun
A real fun of greatest joy
A real, good great fun.

My Lord
in my fun I sing Thy Grace
And when I am out of fun
Then I think the calm is in the silent ocean,
Waves are not formed.

My Lord
For the waves to be,
Some wind has to be.
Some fun has to be
To sing Thy Grace.

My Lord
I dwell in Thee
Thou dwellest in me
In Thee I find my Whole
In me I welcome Thee
In the whole of me
Thou art full
In Thine Whole

My Lord
I am lost.

My Lord
My whole
Is full with Thee
And in Thine Whole
Mine every bit is lost
I am the way to Thee

My Lord
Thou art the Goal in me.
Thou alone art.

My Lord
Thou alone art.

My Love
Thou alone art.
And I am to enjoy Thee.
I am to express Thee.
I am

My Lord
Yes, I am
To enjoy Oneness of God Consciousness.
I am
To express Oneness of God Consciousness.
I am THAT.
And Thou,
Thou art I.

My Lord
My Love
I am to express Thee
And Thou art to Be
My Expression of Thee

My Lord
My expression of Thine Being
Overtakes my being.
What is THAT?
Is it THAT I am not to express?
Is it THAT I am also to be?

My Lord
My Love
All Pervading

My Lord
Thou Be in me.
I be in Thee
Thou Be.

My Lord
In Thee I lose myself
And in my total loss
I gain Thee in Full.

My Lord
Thou art my gain.
Thou art my life in Full.

O God
My loss is my gain in Thee
Yes, it is very clear
When I lose, I never lose.
In fullness of Thy Grace
The word "loss" has no place
In God Consciousness
My gain is ever present
But I do not know
How feelest Thou

My Lord
I only know
Thou knowest well
As Thou knowest all
And that is all

My Lord
That really matters.

My Love
I am Thine instrument
I am
I know I am Thine instrument.
I am glad to feel that I am
And I am glad to say:
"Thou usest me".

My Lord
I need not say:
"Thou continue".

My Lord
Thou continue
Mine whole is Thine.
Thou continue to use me

My Lord.

Maharishi, 1960

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