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Ungrounded Emotional EnergyThe topic of ungrounded emotional and mental energies is a very sensitive one for most people, simply because if a person is not established in Brahman Consciousness, his or her entire life is dominated and ruled by these energies and karma. This domination is so cleverly done that the initial reaction is often denial and disbelief - again thanks to the very domination of these energies. Naturally, these energies will oppose being exposed!

Almost all thoughts and emotions you experience arise from the activities of ungrounded emotional and mental energies that are resident in your S'rî Chakra. Your S'rî Chakra is a knowledge construct superstructure that contains and supports your five koshas plus your mind, intellect and ego. If you are not in Brahman Consciousness, your S'rî Chakra is full of beings that you created at some point in this lifetime by your own actions. These beings are acting independently and taken together with the thoughts and emotions created by karma, create the chaotic and uncontrollable activity of the mind and emotions.

ungrounded energyFor emphasis, we will state this again: Almost every thought and almost every emotion in the person who is not established in Brahman Consciousness is caused by an ungrounded emotional or mental energy, and the rest are caused by karma. These energies (ungrounded and karma) are independent beings, each one with its own life and existence and each one ready to do whatever is necessary to further its cause.

First, let us clearly distinguish between ungrounded energies and karma. Ungrounded energies are those energies created during this current lifetime, and karma is the collection of energies created during another life. The current life is caused by karma and the balancing of this karma is the primary agenda for the current life. However, during the current life innumerable ungrounded energies are created. The ungrounded energies that are still active at the end of the current life become the karma of subsequent lives.

ungrounded energyEach one of the innumerable ungrounded energies that everyone who is not in Brahman Consciousness hosts, was created by that individual as a result of his or her actions. To understand this, we have to look at what happens when we take an action. How do we act and what is the agency that permits action?

We are, each one of us, made in the image of the Creator and are creative beings. Our innate nature is to create but how do we create? Our experience is that we have an impulse to "do something" and then we find ourselves "doing" that something. What makes the body move or even maintain its life at all? There are innumerable subtle beings known as nature spirits that are impulses of creative intelligence. These beings are the agents of the Creator responsible for "doing" everything on the physical (anamaya kosha) and emotional/energetic (pranamaya kosha) levels.

devaWhen a seed grows into a flower, this work was accomplished entirely by a host of nature spirits whose sole function was to perform the countless transformations in etheric, chemical and biological matter that resulted in the actualization of the DNA blueprint of the flower contained in the seed. The growth of a seed into a flower is an action that is flowing in accord with the Creation of the Divine and the nature spirits that performed this action were created by the Mind of God during the creative impulse to create a flower.

In a similar way, when you decide to create something, whether it is simply a thought (thoughts are creations) or a spoken word, or a movement of the body, or a physical thing such as a sandwich, innumerable impulses of creative intelligence are created by your mind which then work on the subtle and gross planes to create the object of your intention. If your impulse to create was motivated by anything other than total life-supporting love of the entire creation of the Creator, and furthermore did not take into account the exact influence of the act upon everything in the universe, it is very likely that your creation is not in complete harmony with the universe and therefore causes a disruptive influence - like a note played off-key during a symphony.

ungrounded energyThe impulses of creative intelligence that you created to manifest your desire are like unruly rascals that were not properly trained to act in harmony with all life. These rascals are ungrounded energies - ungrounded because they are not grounded in the harmony of Nature.

Over the course of a lifetime, everyone creates innumerable hosts of ungrounded mental and emotional energies. Each one of these energies has its own life that persists after it has performed its specific function. The energies then go on squawking and careening around, crashing into other energies and creating the havoc we call the "normal human mind!"

In the chaos of the "normal human mind" it is practically impossible to think a single pure thought. In that environment we go on creating more and more chaotic and disharmonious creations and over time exponentially add to our storehouse of ungrounded emotional and mental energies.

  What we call the "normal human mind" is far from normal.  

What we call the "normal human mind" is far from normal. Normal for the mind is silence, pristine and crystal clear silence - like a smooth, calm lake. Thoughts, when they do arise, are purposeful, exactly the need of the times and spontaneously in accord with all life in the universe.

This is life in Brahman Consciousness and can only be experienced when all existing ungrounded emotional and mental energies have been transmuted into orderly, cooperative and supportive devas, each one with a specific residence in the S'rî Chakra knowledge structure of the person. Then the S'rî Chakra has the energy, from these devas, and the clarity and resonnance to function as it was designed - to link the individual mind with the Mind of God so that every thought is a thought in the Mind of God.