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Consciousness is omnipresent like the water of a vast ocean within which our entire universe swims.

Consciousness is omnipotent and the fundamental source of everything. It is a non-personal, non-judgemental field of unmanifest potential that can and will give anything to the individual that he or she desires if the individual is able to correctly introduce the desire into the field.

Consciousness is the experience of awareness, and a state of consciousness is the degree of awareness. Consciousness is essentially a binary state that has alternating periods of Null or Void consciousness and various degrees of Awake consciousness. The frequency of these alternating on/off states determines the experience or state of consciousness. When the frequency is infinite, consciousness is pure and unmanifest. Any lesser frequency is a manifested state of consciousness.

There are seven states of consciousness that can be experienced by a human being (see Seven States of Consciousness for more information about each state):

  • Deep Sleep - body and mind are inactive
  • Dreaming - body is inactive but mind is active
  • Waking - body and mind are active
  • Transcendental - the gap between any two states of consciousness in which awareness takes on a witnessing quality because it is not embedded in a state of consciousness
  • Cosmic - a dual state in which Deep Sleep, or Dreaming, or Waking state is present along with Transcendental Consciousness
  • God - awareness of the celestial (non-physical) realms of the universe
  • Unity or Brahman - This state of consciousness arises out of God Consciousness and appears to be two states of consciousness, but in fact it is a single state of consciousness that is like the two faces of a coin. On one face, Unity, the awareness is unity with the supreme level of blissful, silent, pure being consciousness known as S'îva. On the opposite face, Brahman, the awareness is unity with the Creator of our Universe, Lord Brahma. The width of this "coin" is infinitely thin so it is possible to experience either "face" at any moment.

Because we exist in consciousness, literally as activated knowledge constructs, if we change our perspective, our experience of life will also change. If we find our experience to be unpleasant, not at all 24 hour Bliss, it is quite possible to change that experience to the ultimate experience - Brahman Consciousness. All that is required is a shift in perspective.

However, to effect that shift in perspective from where it is located now to the perspective of Lord Brahma does require a series of precise steps. These are the steps on the Path to Brahman Consciousness provided in the S'rî Chakra Maha-Videha Programme.

The S'rî Chakra Maha-Videha Programme begins with establishing conscious, two-way communication with your Âtman. Once this communication is established, your Âtman will guide you step by step through the practices of the S'rî Chakra Maha-Videha programme until you have achieved the Goal.

The practices of the S'rî Chakra Maha-Videha Programme all center around the transmutation of karma and ungrounded energy toward the development of an immortal and permanent vehicle of consciousness that will sustain a constant connection with the Mind of Lord Brahma.  It is the presence of karma and ungrounded energy that causes the shift in the jiva's perspective away from Bliss and toward struggle, suffering and bondage.

Entry into Brahman Consciousness with its supreme perspective that yields a life in 24 hour Bliss, is open to all sincere individuals.