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Yajñas are specific performances that establish a resonance in the universe that balances, or diverts a specific karma, or requests the Grace of Lord Vishnu to transmute a specific karma. Yajña of the resonance type are often (but not always) asuric and yajña of the Grace type is always suric.

Asuric YajñaAsuric yajña is the most common type and takes the form of rituals, often performed by another who specializes in such performances - a priest, monk, adept or pandit. This type of yajña evokes positive forces and can result in a change in the person's fortune. Such rituals will not change a person's karma, and those requesting and performing the yajña are aware of this. However, they can induce latent positive potential to take precedence over that which is perceived as the cause of an impending misfortune.

The efficacy of an asuric yajña involves the patron making offerings of food and money to the monks or adepts performing it. The merit acquired from this gift is used to trigger the forces of latent positive potential in oneself or others. Thus, one is not transferring merit and stepping outside the laws of cause and effect, but merely using merit to awaken the forces of one's own or other's good karma.

The success of an asuric yajña depends on the strength of the person's own karma. If the karma is stronger than the latent positive potential in the person's continuum, the effects of the karma will not be overcome and the yajña will be unsuccessful.

Suric yajña is a performance directed to a specific Graha by the individual on his or her own behalf for the purpose of transmutation of specific outstanding karma that the individual is currently aware of. The performance of a suric yajña must be undertaken upon the guidance of and with the blessings of the person's Âtman in order to be effective. Suric yajña is performed as an essential practice on the Path to Brahman Consciousness to enable the individual to rise above his or her karma and thereby step outside the laws of cause and effect. A series of suric yajñas may be prescribed as a part of the S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Consultation.

The success of an Âtman blessed suric yajña is assured because the Grace of God is infallible. Once an individual is accepted on the Path to Brahman Consciousness, the goal will be attained unless the individual chooses to turn away.

There are twelve yajñas that will completely shield the individual from all personal karma, thereby leaving the individual completely dependent on Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu for everything. Both "good" and "bad" karma is shielded, so there is no karma to bring financial resources into the life, for example. To address this need a thirteenth yajña is provided - the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña.