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Consciousness is the experience of awareness and a state of consciousness is the degree of awareness. Consciousness is essentially a binary state that has alternating periods of null or void consciousness and various degrees of awake consciousness. The frequency of these alternating on/off states determines the experience or state of consciousness. There are eight states of consciousness that can be experienced by a human being. These eight states are:

    1. deep sleep - no awareness
    2. dreaming - awareness of one's own thoughts in a surrealistic state with distorted, pseudo-sensory perceptions that resemble waking state awareness, but without actual awareness of the physical surroundings by way of the four physical senses: sight, taste, smell, and hearing. In dreaming, one does have awareness through the non-physical sense of "feeling" which is often mistaken for a non-existent physical sense called "touch".
    3. waking - awareness of one's own thoughts as thoughts, and awareness of the physical surroundings by way of the four physical senses and the one non-physical sense of feeling.
    4. Turiya - not really a "state" of consciousness, but rather the foundation of all states of consciousness. Turiya is not deep sleep, not dreaming, and not waking. Transcendental consciousness can only be described in terms of what it is not, because this is the experience. It is literally awareness of Pure Consciousness, or the Absolute. It is impossible to convey the knowledge of Turiya in common words and expressions because it is an experience that is beyond words. Our language, especially the English language, is a waking state derived structure. Because Turiya is beyond waking state, the terms and language of waking state cannot effectively be used to convey an accurate meaning of it. However, the experience of Turiya s is easily available to anyone who can think a thought by way of a specific mental technique.
    5. cosmic - a dual state of consciousness that is experienced as constant, 24 hour awareness of Turiya along with the deep sleep, dreaming, and waking states of consciousness. In cosmic consciousness there is never a moment in which the awareness of Turiya is not found. Cosmic consciousness can be "earned" by an individual through dedicated practice of the mental technique for experiencing Turiya. This is Moksha, the Goal of human existence.
    6. God - awareness of the celestial (non-physical) realms of the universe. In this awareness, it is possible to conduct controlled direct two-way communication with individual members of the vast hosts of non-physical beings that populate our universe. This privilege of awareness and communication extends from the lowest astral plane to highest celestial realms of our universe. God Consciousness cannot be "earned" by any practice or technique - it is a gift from the Creator of our Universe, Lord Brahma, and freely available to all who ask for it.
    7. Unity or Brahman - this state of consciousness arises out of God Consciousness and appears to be two states of consciousness, but in fact it is a single state of consciousness that is like the two faces of a coin. On one face, Unity, the awareness is unity with the supreme level of silent, pure being consciousness known as Shiva. On the opposite face, Brahman, the awareness is unity with the Creator of our Universe, Lord Brahma. The width of this "coin" is infinitely thin so it is possible to experience either "face" at any moment. However, it is impossible to live in the physical world for very long (perhaps not more than a few moments) while experiencing Unity. Therefore we choose to live in Brahman Consciousness so we can be of service to mankind in the physical.
    8. Krishna Realization or Consciousness - Krishna and all of the Gopis and Gopas in Goloka are the real entities. All other entities, are illusory projections of Krishna. There is only one real universe - Goloka. All other universes, including this one that we inhabit now are illusory projections of Goloka. You will enjoy the study of Reality and coming to know the Reaity, for this is the true foundation of our existence. It is here that true Bhakti Yoga is attained, as a gift from Krishna. One identifies with the Gopa or Gopi that is the progenitor of this life on Earth and enjoys existence as an eternal companion of Krishna.

      We invite you to enjoy our offering and come to realize the first goal of your human life experience in Unity or Brahman Consciousness. Those who take the path of Brahman Consciousness are also invited to undergo the process of transmutation of their physiology into a perfect, immortal physiology known as the Absolute Body. The Absolute Body resides in Goloka when one attains Krishna Consciousness.

      The transmutation of the physical body into a perfect, immortal physiology is a process that is an extension of the natural growth processes inherent in every human physiology. It is as natural as the process of growth from childhood to adulthood. This process is triggered by the Esoteric Maha-Mantra initiation.

      The first step on the path to full Krishna Realization is to begin to experience Turiya. If you have been initiated into the practice of Atmavedi Meditation or Transcendental Meditation® by a teacher certified by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi you have the technique for experiencing Turiya. If you do not have the TM® technique or Atmavedi Meditation Technique, you may learn it here.

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