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S'iva/KrishnaAt the most Supreme level of the Divine is S'iva/Krishna. Here is God beyond universes and forms as we know them, at the threshold of Pure Potentiality where the Field of All Possibilities is found.

S'iva is Consciousness Pure and without personality, however when S'iva is manifesting a personality He is Rudra or Ganesha.

Krishna is Consciousness Infinitely Diverse and Dynamic and always manifesting infinite personalities such as Krishna, Mahavishnu, Narâyana, Vishnu, Lakshmi, and all the S'aktis and Devas.

S’iva and Krishna are distinct and independent Beings paradoxically existing as one S’iva/Krishna. They are eternally inseparable and neither is the cause or source of the other. Both Beings, taken together or separately, are the Supreme Deity of all universes.

S’iva, which means “pure,” is the aloof one of the pair who is the transcendental archetype of jîva – you and I are jîva. This means that S’iva and jîva are identical in structure, but S’iva is a perfectly pure jîva. What makes jîva less than perfectly pure are karmas and ungrounded energies.

The body of Krishna is the collective consciousness of all jîvas that surround S’iva like iron filings that cling to a strong magnet. Krishna Consciousness is the collective consciousness of those jîvas who have attained Brahman Consciousness, the pinnacle of jîva evolution in which the jîva has become S’iva.

Love is the nature of S’iva/Krishna and all who serve them. Love respects, accepts, and never finds fault. Love is always standing-by anxious to help when called upon, but Love never dominates or controls. It is out of Love that Krishna always accompanies the jîva, and through this constant and unfailing bond of Love empowers the jîva in its attempts to fulfill a constantly expanding agenda of intentions and desires.

The fundamental principle is, S'iva cannot be considered without Krishna and Krishna cannot be considered without S'iva. Like the two faces of a single coin, if one is "looking" at Krishna, he knows that S'iva is just on the "other side."

When we say S'iva is manifesting a personality as Rudra, we are not implying that Krishna is any less Rudra than S'iva. Furthermore, when we say Krishna is Vishnu, we are not implying that Vishnu is any less S'iva than Krishna.

It is all a matter of Divine Perspective and nothing more. When the Divine is playing the role of Vishnu then He is always holding S'iva in His heart. When the Divine is playing the role of Rudra, He is always looking to Krishna.