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The most fundamental archetype of our universe is the S'rî Chakra. S'rî means supreme and Chakra means circular structure. The S'rî Chakra exists as a three-dimentional construct within which all evolving beings exist. It serves as a superstructure upon which the innumerable devas responsible for the functioning of the body perch, like birds on a tree. One of the most important functions of the S'rî Chakra is to act as a communications device -- much like an antennae -- that connects the individual mind with the Mind of the Creator, Lord Brahma.

In this age of Kali Yuga, the S'rî Chakra is not found in its original perfect state. It is distorted and barely functional as a life-supporting structure, and almost totally disfunctional as a communications device with the Mind of the Creator. Hence, the need for a revival of the perfected structure of the S'rî Chakra.

The diagram below is a two-dimensional representation, in the form of a geometric design, of the S'rî Chakra of Kali Yuga.

Sri Chakra of Kali Yuga - 2D

From the diagram we see 10 interpenetrating triangles (the tenth is a point triangle or bindu) surrounded by a mandala (circle), eight lotus petals, a greater mandala, 16 petals and finally a series of three mandalas.

Every feature of the S'rî Chakra has significance and it is important to understand what each feature represents in the structure of our universe. This is because our primary task on the path to Brahman Consciousness is to cooperate in the reconstruction of our personal S'rî Chakra until it is perfected in all aspects.

However, before going into detail about each feature of the S'rî Chakra, it will be useful to see a diagram that shows not only how the S'rî Chakra relates to the physical body, but also shows the structure in it's perfected form. See the diagram below.

Sri Chakra of Sat Yuga surrounding the physical body

Notice in particular how the tenth triangle is no longer a point triangle, and also that all of the triangles are evenly proportioned. This is a geometric representation of the S'rî Chakra of Sat Yuga -- the age where individual human life extends for thousands of years in perfect health, and communication with the Mind of God is perfect and instantaneous.

The above two dimensional model of the S'rî Chakra suffers from three limitations.

  1. We only have the front view illustrated.
  2. Symbolic lotus petals are shown in the place of spheres, which are a much better representation of the structure.
  3. There is no differentiation for gender. The S'rî Chakra of a male physiology is different from the S'rî Chakra of a female physiology.

Below is a series of two dimensional diagrams of the S'rî Chakra that takes into account all possible views and shows the gender distinctions.

In the above diagram, you can see a feature that is missing from the diagram that uses symbolic lotus petals in place of circles or spheres. The new feature is a set of pyramids that surround the inner triangles.

Sri Chakra front view male

In the above diagram, you can see a feature that is missing from the diagram that uses symbolic lotus petals in place of circles or spheres. The new feature is a pair of pyramids that surround the inner triangles. Obviously, the symbolic representation of the S'rî Chakra is much easier to comprehend than the more literal representation. However, the literal representation will become much more clear when we view the three-dimensional images later.

Sri Chakra top view, male

The above diagram represents the top view of a male S'rî Chakra. We would call this the upper top view because it shows the upper five spheres.

Sri Chakra front view, female

The above diagram is the front view of a female S'rî Chakra. Notice that it is the exact reverse of the male.

Let us take the next logical step and view a three-dimensional representation of the S'rî Chakra. The three-dimensional representation is known as the Meru, which means support of the universe. The following images are extremely accurate three-dimensional views of the S'rî Chakra shown in three layers.

The first layer which is shown below is an inner set of tetrahedrons (the triangles of the two-dimensional model).

Sri Chakra in 3 dimensions - inner set of tetrahedrons

On the left is a top view and on the right is a front view of the inner set of ten interpenetrating tetrahedrons of the S'rî Chakra.

These ten tetrahedrons are surrounded by a double pyramid. See the image below.

Sri Chakra pyramids 3D

This double pyramid is orientated with a vertical edge directly in front of the body.

Below are two views of the outer set of ten spheres.

Sri Chakra front view 3D

The above image is a three dimensional representation of the front view of the outer collection of ten spheres that surround the double pyramid.

Sri Chakra outer spheres top view 3D

The above image represents the top view of the ten outer spheres of the S'rî Chakra.