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S'rî Vyuha is a term from Sanskrit that means supreme knowledge of organization and structure. The practical value of this knowledge is that it provides the information everyone needs to realize the goal of human existence in Unity or Brahman Consciousness. This knowledge comes to us as the blessing of the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters, and is offered freely to all who will accept it and be transformed by it.

S'rî Vyuha has transforming and organizing power because our universe is fundamentally a knowledge construct -- a thought in the Mind of the Creator. This universal Knowledge Construct is S'rî Vyuha and is already structured in everyone's own individual consciousness, but in an incomplete form. With access to S'rî Vyuha anyone can perfect their individual knowledge construct to align with the universal Knowledge Construct. This will automatically establish for them a conscious communication and direct relationship with the Creator.

Sri ChakraYour mind is encapsulated in a geometric structure called the S'rî Chakra. Through the instrumentality of the S'rî Chakra, your mind can receive thoughts from and transmit thoughts to the Mind of the Creator. S'rî Vyuha activates your S'rî Chakra which enables your mind to tune to the frequency of the Mind of the Creator which is the home of all knowledge. When you have access to the home of all knowledge you have the ability to live your life in perfect accord with Natural Law and enjoy fullness of life and the bliss that is your birthright.


To acquire the full value of S'rî Vyuha will require study, practice and determination. S'rî Vyuha is presented here as a series of books, courses and consultations by Vis'vamitra as inspired by Guru Dev. Begin with the free online book Âtmavedî, Part I to receive a complete overview of S'rî Vyuha. In Atmavedi, Part II are the techniques to activate your S'rî Chakra so you can begin immediately to communicate with God through your Âtman. Also available are Jyotish and S'akti Consultations.

Your Âtman has brought you here to give you access to the next step in your evolutionary journey back to your source in God. "Love knows that nothing is ever needed but more love."

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