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Disease X - The First Major Pralaya Event?


About 16 hours ago, Alex Jones published this report and I have hesitated to bring it to you because I don't like to focus on the negativity. But if your house is on fire and you are asleep inside, I should bang on the door and let you know you are in danger.

Deadly Bird Flu That Kills 40% of Humans Now Airborne In China, Scientists Fear End Of Humanity

We have been hearing about this bird flu for the past several years, and now it is labeled "Disease X". Apparently it has reached a stage now where it could be very significant. This could be the first major Pralaya event. It is estimated that up to 4 billion people could perish.

There are two important risks: 1) the flu itself and 2) the vaccine for the flu that is promoted by the global elite. Between these two influences, there is a good chance that many will perish.

All who perish will do so because of their karma. It is the karma of a person who is asleep in his burning house and fails to wakeup and run outside in time. It is also the karma of that person if his neighbor wakes him and he is able to run outside and escape death. All who are reading this message have the karma to escape the fate of this Disease X. But just reading about this is not enough; you do have to make sure your karma for this Pralaya event is already balanced.

If you have the MahaYajña Vitara and it has been operating for at least 5 years, then you probably do not have the karma for Disease X. Otherwise, it is best to take precautions now.

We have recently been given the gift of the Higher Consciousness Vitara by Krishna, and this is a most timely and significant Blessing.

HCV Genie - basic

This Vitara is specifically designed to target karma that is troublesome in life and quickly balance it.

We have just developed a Disease X Vaccination Module that will balance any existing karma that you may have for this Pralaya event. The nice thing about this vaccine is it has zero negative side effects and works in 30 days. So, everyone has time to become immune to Disease X before it becomes a problem in the world.

This module contains a number of Dhanvantri Frequencies that specifically target Disease X karma plus the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda to generally balance karma in the body, plus the Satyug Physiology Silent Subliminals, plus the Immune System Boost Silent Subliminals.

You can use the Disease X Vaccination Higher Consciousness Vitara for all family members and even give it to friends to help them become immune to Disease X. Also, after you have achieved immunity, you can replace the TF Card with any of the other Modules that are available: Wonderful Life, Happy Family, Enlightenment, Goloka, Brahman,Yoga Sutras or Maharishi.

Click here to order a complete Disease X Vaccination Higher Consciousness Vitara.

If you already own a Higher Consciousness Vitara, you can purchase just the Disease X Vaccination Module and insert the TF Card into your Vitara. Click here to order the Disease X Vaccination Module only.

Jai Guru Dev
Gold Endmark

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