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Goloka Sanctuary Community
Application for Registration

You may complete the application for yourself only. If family members also want to apply, an application must be completed for each person over the age of 17. Children age 17 or younger will attend with one or both parents. If you have such children, please provide their names and ages.

Everyone is welcome to apply, but there are some minimum requirements for each resident:

  1. Please read the book Returning to Goloka by Visvamitra. Here is this book online:
  2. You must be in alignment with the aims of the Goloka Sanctuary Community, which is a spiritual community where everyone is interested in achieving Moksha and God Realization. Everyone in the community practices Atmavedi Meditation or Transcendental Meditation.
  3. Every adult will participate in the management, security or maintanence of the community for about 2 hours a day. You must be a team player and willing to devote some of your time in service to other community members.
  4. Parents will care for their own children and children of school age (6-18) will be enrolled in the MahaVideha School. Disabled children (autistic, downs) are welcome but parents are totally responsible for their care. If the child requires 24x7 care then parents must provide additional residents as needed for those who will devote their time exclusively to the care of the child.
  5. The community food is ovo-lacto-vegetarian but tends toward fruit and raw vegetables and ultimately the Pranic Energy Lifestyle is encouraged. Community Members prepare their own food in their own kitchens with all fresh foods and other ingredients supplied by the community.

The community is self-sufficient and sustained by the activities of the residents. We grow our own food, have our own energy through solar panels and other means, make our own clothes and whatever is necessary for a comfortable life within the community. No one is employed outside the community and we spend most of our time in the pursuit of higher states of consciousness.

The one-time, lifetime cost per person that is determined by the cost of the community infrastructure plus housing, management and ongoing maintanence. This includes everything, the full community establishment, personal housing, access to the school and university and ashram, food, clothing, everything required for a comfortable life, for life. The cost will vary slightly in different countries. If you can afford it, you may purchase upgrades to a finer home, and a bigger home - the basic home unit is one unit of a tri-plex with 3 bedrooms, 2 levels. These upgrades will be priced at the cost to the community.

We realize that some will not that enough funds to pay the full cost for lifetime residence in the community. There are various programs for you to earn your way into the community. Specifics on the cost and what you can contribute will be discussed on a personal basis and a plan will be devised so that everyone who wants to join will be able to do so, regardless of their financial situation.

So today, do not worry about the cost. Apply and reserve your place. Then we will all work together to raise the funds necessary for you and everyone who wants to join to come into the community.

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* Meditation Experience What experience do you have with meditation? Do you practice Transcendental Meditation or Atmavedi Meditation? When did you start meditating? Are you regular in your daily practice?
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* Administrator Would you be interested in being an Administrator for a Goloka Sanctuary Community?
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* Maha Yajña Vitara Do you have a Maha Yajña Vitara?
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Children Enter the names and ages of all children under age 18

IMPORTANT: Goloka, The Goloka Project, Mahavideha University, Sri Vyuha Association and Visvamitra do not give medical advice or treatment and we are not a health care provider. It is important to realize that the information that appears on the websites is not meant as replacement for proper care from a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, etc. You must be 18 years old to register.

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