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Radha Comments

Blossoming in Krishna Consciousness

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God My Love, by Maharishi


These are my thoughts on the beautiful poem , “God”, written by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This is in no way a commentary on His poem. They are simply thoughts that arise in my mind when I read those lines.


My Love
Light of The Grace
The Light of Thy Grace shines upon me.
The love of Thy Being fills my heart.
Thy Grace vibrates around me.

Child Krishna“God, My Love”, is such a beautiful way to start a poem on Bhagwaan- addressing the Almighty as , “My Love”. Indeed, He alone is, “My Love” and this “My” is not the consciousness of the jiva which is a confusing complex of buddhi, ahamkar and manas. It cannot be that. No matter how hard the jiva tries to love God yet his love is always tinted with impurities. Even the purest jivas have traces of impurities. This “My” is the cry of the Divine Shakti resident within every jiva. It is Her voice alone. It is She alone that longs for Her beloved and having slayed the demon of ignorance resident in the buddhi, ahamkar, manas, She, standing tall and glorious Maha Kali, eventually Unites with the Lord.

When the jiva is fully slayed does the true meaning of “My Love” emerge from within him. Then he can hear, feel, know and understand the longing of Shakti. At that moment, the jiva, overtaken fully by the glorious Divine Mother, surrenders his entire existence to fully merge in the Lord.

When Maharishi uses the words, “My God, My Love”, He hints towards the fact known to all sages- that all that is here is a display of Shakti only. There is no Purusha, save Bhagwaan Himself. All beings are Shakti alone and hence irrespective of their gender, each one craves for Unity with the Sole Beloved.

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Samyam – not just a practice but a way of living


(from Sanskrit Samyam - Sanskrit holding together, tying up, binding)

“Yogasthah kuru karmani”, Lord Krishna had advised the most powerful thing in the simplest way possible in Bhagwat Gita (Ch2, v48), meaning, “United with Me, perform all action.”

And then the Bhagwat Gita goes into detail on how to perform action United with Krishna. Our beloved Guru dev Sri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi goes at length in His commentary on Bhagwat Gita to explain this and lo, I thought that theoretically I got it all!

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Further Enquiries into the Absolute


Further Enquiries into the Absolute - Shiva Krishna

After I wrote the article entitled “The Absolute”, I kept enquiring further into the Absolute. I kept asking Lord Krishna, “Tell me Bhagwaan, how do You express, while still remaining unexpressed Yourself? How do You create, while remaining uncreated Yourself?”

In response to my query there soon immerged an immense love for Lord Shiva within me. Such great love ! Confused, I asked Lord Krishna again, “My Lord, I thought it was not possible for me to love anyone like I love You. Then how come such immense love for Lord Shiva? How come I cannot distinguish between You and Him anymore? Tell me what is this mystery. This ignorance is killing me!”

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The Absolute


There is an ocean of Absolute, Pure Consciousness that is lively and self-aware. Everything exists only within this infinite ocean of Silence. Everything manifest and even unmanifest derives its value only from this infinite Silent Pure Consciousness.

Krishna with Flute

When we express everything in terms of Silence, we have to remember that this silence is not “dead” silence. This Silence is alive and awake and aware. This Silence has within it the unmanifest infinite Dynamism. Hence it is dynamic, self-aware Silence. It is Silence (Pure Consciousness) that is constantly witnessing Its Own Self in an infinite self-referral loop. This means that the Absolute or the Pure Consciousness comprises of the Silent Witness, the process of Witnessing and the Witnessed or the Experiencer, the process of Experiencing and the Experienced. Our beloved Guru dev, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, would call this the “Rishi, Devata, Chhandas” loop of self-referral within Pure Consciousness which forms the “building blocks” of Pure Consciousness where “Rishi” is the infinite, Absolute Silent Witness (Krishna/Sat), “Devata” is the infinite Dynamic Potential (Shakti/Chit) and “Chhandas” is the Experience (Shiva, Pure Bliss, Ananda) arising out of the co-existence of the Infinite Silence and Infinite Dynamism.

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Understanding Atmavedi Meditation


Atmavedi Meditation is an age old, timeless meditative technique mentioned several times in the Vedic texts. However, it was refined, revived and brought back into the modern world by the greatest saint of this century – our beloved Sri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as Transcendental Meditation. It is due to the efforts and charisma of Maharishi that majority of the people all over the world have at least heard that there is something like meditation - even though they may not completely understand what it means or may have never tried it. Today I try and attempt to explain Atmavedi Meditation (AM) in my own words and from my perspective. I beg the great Maharishi to bless me as I attempt to write on a science brought to the world by Him. I also beg for the blessings of my own Guru, Sri Visvamitra, who has very lovingly taught me AM and has always guided me through my journey towards my God.

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Desire God as much as you love Him


Krishna with FluteAs I look around me I see that most human beings love God. Even people who are otherwise tyrants or bullies actually go to their places of worship and offer their love and regards to whomever they call their God. It is interesting to see how the love for God is expressed in different ways by different people. Some would keep long fasts, others would walk bare foot on hard mountainous terrains to where the shrines of the Holy Lord may be situated while yet others may be ardent temple goers who spend hours there serving God.

I have been following a spiritual path under the guidance of my divine Guru. Interestingly in a short span of time, with the blessings of my Guru and the grace of my God, I was able to have some very tangible experiences of my beloved God. These beautiful experiences almost came like blessings from God Himself because I do not think in the least that I deserved any of those at all. So this question always bothered me as to why my God has this special mercy on me and not others. Why is He becoming known to me and yet continue to remain hidden from others.

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The Guru


Guru Dev amd MaharishiAs I continue my journey towards my beloved God under the sacred guidance of my Guru I started to feel the pressure from within of wanting to share my experiences with people around me. However I realised that most people had the time to watch MTV and CTV and chat on Facebook and Twitter, go out for late night clubbing and do all sorts of other activities but somehow they got very busy as soon as I started to get into a discourse about God with them. Respecting their business I would then prefer to stay quiet and not discuss anything. And so the internal pressure of wanting to tell someone of my own personal experiences of God kept mounting within me until one day I voiced my concern to my Guru – and like always He had a resolution – a personal blog! I’ve never blogged before but this seemed to be a good way of relieving my internal pressure of wanting to share with other people what I have learnt so far.

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