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God RealizationKrishna Realization is the state of consciousness, goal and ultimate destiny of all jivas. A jiva that realizes Krishna, experiences Krishna's infinite power, knowledge, and bliss continuously.

We know from the Vedic literature that the world around us is maya - that which is not. We learn from Yoga Vasistha that the solid appearing world is illusory, it is just a dream in the mind of the Creator. Modern quantum physics tells us that we live in a 3-D holographic projection - the physical world has no more solidity than a holographic projection. Because we are embedded in it, the world takes on the appearance to us of a solid "reality". But what is real? That which is unchanging.

There are 3 fields of existence - Absolute, the gap and relativity. Relativity is constantly changing, it is never stable, so it is illusory and unreal. The gap is pure unmanifest potential, and the Absolute is stable, never changing. From the perspective of the universe being a 3-D holographic projection, we see that the laser light is a fragment of the consciousness of Krishna, through the instrumentalitiy of MahaVishnu, through the Creator, Lord Brahma; the gap is the unmanifest pure consciousness from which the universe emerges - this like the holographic film; and the universe is the holographic projection.

In this picture we see the traditional version of how a 3-D holographic image of an apple is produced:
Components of a Hologram

Now let's translate this into Vedic terms so we see how God (Krishna) fits into the model:
Components of a Holographic Universe

Krishna Realization occurs when we take our consciousness back to the source of our existence. We can do this by developing our subtle bodies and their senses so that we can transcend to and experience the full glory of the subtle realms where Lord Brahma exists, then beyond into the realm of MahaVishnu and ultimately to the realm of Krishna, known as Goloka.

There are three stages of Krishna Realization:

  1. God Consciousness – this is the experience of being with God in the Celestial realms in your manomaya or vijnamaya kosha. The celestial senses and bodies are fully developed
  2. Brahman Consciousness – when your consciousness merges with the Consciousness of God, the Creator, then you perceive as if you are the Creator and every thought and every action is a thought and action of the Creator
  3. Krishna Consciousness – from the foundation of Brahman Consciousness, your consciousness merges with the Ultimate and only Real Being, Krishna and you become one with Krishna, you are given an Absolute Body, and you begin experiencing your tiny universe and all the universes as expressions of Your Infinite Creativity and Unconditional Love.

At MVU, the core focus of the curriculum is to provide the knowledge and experience of Krishna, leading to Krishna Realization.

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