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Sri Vyuha Ashram


Sri Vyuha AshramAn Ashram is a place devoted to making the effort towards Moksha - the ultimate goal of all human existence. The entire focus of the Goloka Community is to provide the environment and support for individuals to develop their Absolute Body and achieve Moksha. The residents of the ashram regularly perform spiritual and physical yoga practices, and yajñas.

Some individuals are not in a position to attend the university, but need an environment that supports their efforts to attain higher states of consciousness. This is why the Sri Vyuha Ashram has been organized.

At the Ashram you can enjoy the supportive sanctuary environment if you are:

  1. an individual with the need to earn income in order to support yourself - you can engage in Satyug Kaya Kalpa and have 4-6 hours a day available for earning income.
  2. a married couple without children where one or both individuals need to earn income while both enjoy the benefits of Satyug Kaya Kalpa and additional meditations.
  3. a married couple with children where you appreciate the need for a quality education for your children, and want to engage in Satyug Kaya Kalpa, and may need time for earning income
  4. a single individual with the desire to serve on MVU/Goloka staff to support your stay and participation in Satyug Kaya Kalpa and additional meditations.

Each resident at the Ashram has their own Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid.

A Sri Vyuha Ashram is located in each of the Goloka Communities around the world where there are facilities for 300 residents, all dedicated to accomplishing the goal of human existence.

Charter Membership for the Sri Vyuha AshramAll residents of the Ashram are Charter Members. A Charter Membership entitles the individual to Course Credits equal to the cost of the Charter Membership, plus the Member receives a 10% discount on all Ashram and MVU course fees, for life. All installments must be paid before the Charter Membership is available for use.

You can purchase a Charter Membership for the Ashram in the following ways:

  1. Single payment (required if you are planning to attend within the next 30 days):,89
  2. Three monthly payments (if you are planning to attend after the next 90 days):,90
  3. Twelve monthly payments (if you are planning to attend after 1 year):,92


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