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The Indescribable Beauty of Radha

  Radha Krishna  

You may think the Srimad Bhagavatam is all about Krishna, when actually it is all about the indescribable beauty of Radha. The Srimad Bhagavatam was written to introduce and describe the glories of the gopis; and especially to establish Radha’s supremely elevated position as the most beloved of Krishna. As you read, you will discover the following descriptions of the beauty of Radha:

  • Radha is full of the luster of youth.
  • Radha is expert in all the sixty-four fine arts and Her transcendental form is like an ocean of nectar.
  • Radha’s splendid bodily luster is like molten gold or stationary lightning.
  • Radha wears wonderfully beautiful blue garments, and She is decorated with various pearls and flowers.
  • Radha is very beautiful, and has long, nicely braided hair.
  • Radha’s splendid forehead is decorated with the red pigment, sindura, and with beautiful locks of curling hair.
  • Decorated with blue bangles, Radha’s arms have defeated Cupid’s staff with their beauty.
  • Decorated with black mascara, Radha’s expanded lotus eyes are the most beautiful in all the three planetary systems.
  • Radha’s nose if as beautiful as a sesame flower and the tip is nicely decorated with a pearl.
  • Anointed with various perfumes, Sri Radha is splendidly beautiful.
  • Radha’s ears are decorated with wonderful earrings and Her lips defeat red lotus flowers.
  • Radha’s teeth are a row of pearls and Her tongue is very beautiful.
  • Decorated with a smile of pure love for Krishna, Radha’s beautiful face is as splendid as millions of moons.
  • The beauty of Radha’s chin has defeated and bewildered Cupid.
  • Decorated with a drop of musk, Radha’s chin appears like a golden lotus flower with a bumblebee.
  • Bearing all the marks of wonderful beauty, Radha’s neck, back and sides are enchantingly gorgeous.
  • Radhika’s breast is like splendid golden waterpots covered by a bodice decorated with a pearl necklace.
  • Radha’s beautiful enchanting arms are two red lotus flowers illuminated by the series of moons that are Her fingernails.
  • Jeweled rings decorate Radha’s splendidly beautiful fingers.
  • Charming, full of sweet nectar, and decorated with a deep navel, Radha’s beautiful waist enchants the three worlds.
  • Radha’s sloping hips lead to Her charmingly beautiful slender waist which is bound by a creeper of three beautiful folds of skin and decorated with a sash of tinkling bells.
  • As beautiful as two exquisite plantain trees, Radha’s thighs enchant the mind of Cupid.
  • Radha’s beautiful knees are two reservoirs filled with the nectar of various transcendental pastimes.
  • Radha’s beautiful feet are decorated with jeweled ankle-bells, and Her toes with toe rings as beautiful as the treasure of Varuna.

Radha’s Gold and Flower Ornaments

  • Radha wears twelve different ornaments on Her form, including Her crown, earrings, belt, ankle-bells, finger rings, toe rings, armlets, and jewel necklaces that look like strings of stars are all fashioned from pure gold; they appear like myriad shining suns. She wears a locket containing a picture of Sri Krishna and a signet ring that is engraved with "Radha". Radha’s Syamantaka jewel is also known as Sankhacuda-siromani (Sankhacuda’s crest jewel). Radha’s ankle-bells stun Kirshna with their tinkling sounds.
  • Besides jewels and gold, Radha wears a variety of flower crowns, necklaces, armlets, sashes, earrings, bracelets, anklets and blouses. Radha taught Lalita-sakhi how to make these flower decorations, which Radha prefers over the jeweled variety. Radha’s favorite crown is made from flowers and buds of five colors arranged in five points. The gopis also artistically arrange flowers to create five different kinds of earrings; resembling objects like a peacock, lotus, shark or half-moon.
  • The glaringly effulgent tiara’s shimmering halo beautifully sports in all directs stretching to the horizon. Glistening, sleek armlets, bracelets and necklaces refract a collective, flickering of jewel-like coronas. Hip-spanning belt of softly tinkling bells. Anklets charming musical chimes embellishing the majesty of Her divine lotus feet.

Radha’s Clothing

  • Wearing light-colored clothes during the full moon and dark colors in the moon’s absence, Radha dresses to please Her beloved Krishna, and to facilitate Her nightly meetings with Her gallant lover.
  • Radha’s favorite outfit is a “Krishna-blue” sari and shawl matched with a pink blouse that delights Krishna.
  • Radha’s upper garment is red like a ruby, and it is the favorite of Krishna. Radha’s lower garment is the color of a blue cloud, and it is Her favorite
  • Krishna said to Radha, ‘All glories to Your wonderful ruby-red silk sari. O Radha, this sari has doubled the passionate love I bear for You in My heart’”.

Glorification of Radha’s Indescribable Beauty

  • Krishna praised Radha, ‘My dear Radha, Your curling locks of hair, long restless eyes, firm breasts, slender waist, shyly lowered head, creeper-like arms and jewel-like fingernails are all exquisitely beautiful. The jubilant festival of Your beauty makes the three worlds tremble in transcendental bliss’”.

Radha’s Twenty-Five Principal Qualities

Among Radha’s innumerable attributes, She has twenty-five principal qualities.

The indescribable beauty of Radha

  1. Radha is very sweet and most charming to look at
  2. Radha is adolescent and always freshly youthful
  3. Radha’s eyes are doe-like and restless
  4. Radha’s face is smiling and every blissful
  5. Auspicious, beautiful lines adorn Sri Radha’s lotus hands and feet
  6. Radha maddens Krishna with Her fragrant bodily aroma
  7. Radha is the most exceptional singer and vina player
  8. Radha’s words are charming and pleasing
  9. Radha is expert at telling stories that delight Krishna
  10. Radha is exceptionally humble
  11. Radha is the embodiment of mercy and compassion
  12. Radha’s intelligence and wit surpasses all
  13. Radha is expert at performing all activities of love
  14. Shyness is the shining gem in Radha’s character
  15. Radha is the beacon light of modesty and never swerves from the path of honesty
  16. Radha is never perturbed by worldly sorrow or misery
  17. Radha has unbounded gravity and sublimity
  18. Radha is ever fascinated to unite Herself with Krishna
  19. Radha possesses Mahabhava, the highest sentiments of love
  20. Radha is the reservoir of loving affairs in Gokula
  21. Radha’s transcendental glories are shining in all the worlds
  22. Radha is most affectionate to her superiors
  23. Radha is submissive to the love of Her senior girlfriends
  24. Radha is the chief among Krishna’s gopi lovers
  25. Radha always keeps Sri Krishna under Her control. Krishna submissively obeys Radha’s command.

A technique for prosperity is to read the above 25 qualities of Radha once daily while gazing at the picture of Radha. Then chant as a beauriful song to a tune that you make up "Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe..." for 10 minutes.

However, the worship of Radha through bhajan is the most delightful:


Mithe ras sey bharyo-di radha raani laage , raadha rani laage
Mane Karo Karo Jamunaji ro paani laage
Jamunaji to kari kari radha gori gori,
Vrundavan mein dhoom machavey Barsaney ki Chori
Vruja dhaam raadha jyoki vruja dhaani laage vruja dhaani laage, Mane Karo Karo
Kahna nit murli mein tere sumire baaram baar
Koti ne roop dhare manmohm kahoon na pavey paar
Rupa rangaki chabeli pata raani laage pata raani lage, Mane Karo Karo
Naa bhaave maney maakhan misari ab na koi mithai
Maarey Jivadiya ney bhavey ab to Raadha naam malai, Mane Karo Karo
Vrusha bhanu ki lalitaa guna dhaani laage, Mane Karo Karo
Raadhaa Raadha naam ratata-te he jo nar aththo dhaam
Jinki badha door karat hey raadha raadha name
Raadha naam mein safal jindagani lage jindgani lage, Mane Karo Karo

Charming, full of sweet nectar is Radhe Rani.
Her transcendental form is like an ocean of nectar.
Radha's splendid bodily luster is like molten gold or stationary lightning.
Radhika is like princess while Krishna (like Yamuna waters is black).
Radhika was born in Barsana, so the girl from Barshana has a special place in hearts of Vrindavan vaasi.
Although Lord Kanha is Madana-mohana, He becomes Madana-daha, or enchanted by the beauty of RadhaRani.
She looks so beautiful, so divine, pure, innocent , all at the same time.
Her looks very so simple, yet so elegant.
Her jewellery was simple, but she adorned with jasmine flowers which give exotic fragrance added to her charm.
She looks like a maiden - an apasara.
Use of kohl to enhance her doe like eyes enhanced her beauty.
There was a genunine smile on her face, and her face looked truly blissful.
Radhika's ethereal beauty was so enchanting, and her dancing like a bumblebee, moving unsteadily due to intoxication (love for Kanha) is worth watching.
She forgets the whole world and dances with gay abandon.
Dev is so struck by her beauty, she truly looks like princess - like maharani.
The way Dev lowers his gaze and then looks up again at her is truly magnificent
Dev who loves Radhika, cannot love any other woman
Dev is awestruck by her beauty.
It is sheer joy to watch Radhika, the truly beautiful woman, not only physically attractive, but spiritually so divine.

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N. Sreekanth Rao, Hyderabad , December 9, 2017 at 5:52 AM | Reply
Excellent description.

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