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How mRNA Injection Damages The Body


More and more anecdotal evidence points to a deadly result from the mRNA injection. As I reported recently, there are many people noticing their body has become magnetic after receiving the injection. Now we have microscopic evidence that red blood cells are being horribly damaged by the injection. The video from Stew Peters with this and more information is below. Forward this article to all friends and family and help save lives.

At this point in the US, 54% have received the mRNA injection. This is serious. Now the ones who have taken the injection have the majority rule and can mandate that everyone be required to take the injection. Erwin Chemerinsky, dean and professor of law at the UC Berkeley School of Law, summed up this argument in a recent opinion piece for the Sacramento Bee:

It is time to focus on the duty we all have to protect each other and to end this pandemic. The government should require vaccinations as soon as vaccine supplies allow, and we should remind everyone that freedom does not include a right to endanger others.

Chemerinsky is on solid legal footing. The US Supreme Court has ruled that governments can mandate vaccination if doing so is deemed necessary to protect public health.

Medical Doctor Uncovers Details About How mRNA Injection Damages The Body

Some say they know people who have had the mRNA injection and they seem to be fine, and after many months too. Remember this injection is classified as an "experimental trial" so that implies some people will be given saline as a control group and others will get the mRNA injection. But rest assured, all will eventually get the real mRNA injection, as there are many additional injections planned.

Be sure you have your PlanB in place before the military arrives at your door for your mRNA injection. At that time it will be too late. I don't know exactly when or even if the mRNA injection will required for all who live in the USA, but we do have evidence that Canada, USA, Australia and most of Europe are the current targets for the eugenics program of the United Nations. Now, the UN has the funding to take even a stronger stance thanks to the recent 15% tax on carbon. But, I firmly believe that if you now live in one of these targeted areas, you are in imminent danger.


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