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Krishna At The Moksha Advanced Course


Moksha Vitara Pendant Face - Radha and Krishna Swing 2The experience of Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita are very lively here on the Moksha Advanced Course! Everyone on the course has a Moksha Vitara and we can feel the presence of Krishna and the blissful essence of the Bhagavad Gita throughout the day and night. We have expanded our meditation to include Krishna's instruction given in the Bhagavad Gita on how to connect with Him during meditation, and it works wonderfully.

The instruction is very simple and effective: "To connect with Me during Dhyana, let your attention easily rest on the point between the eyebrows in the center of the head." The key point for this technique to work is, it must be practiced during Dhyana.

Dhyana is the second level of meditation, the first being Dharana. Dharana is the activity of the conscious thinking mind when it thinks the mantra or a sutra. Dhyana is more subtle; actually it is the watching of the conscious thinking mind from the level of the subtle mind, or what modern psychologists call the unconscious or subconscious mind.

DhyanaThe subtle mind has its seat in the pranamaya kosha and extends into the manomaya kosha, vijnanamaya kosha, Anandamaya kosha, and all the way to the Absolute Body in Goloka. In the Anandamaya kosha, the subtle mind is the Mind of Lord Brahma, and in Goloka the subtle mind is your Eternal Companion of Krishna. So in reality, when we connect with the subtle mind we are connecting with Krishna directly. This connection with the subtle mind is made at the start of every meditation when we follow these instructions:

  1. first sit comfortably and close the eyes

  2. for about half a minute, feel the deep silence within the mind, before we start the mantra.

  3. Start the mantra and let it go, holding onto the connection with the subtle mind as we watch the conscious thinking mind think the mantra

  4. this is effortless thinking of the mantra – we are actually doing nothing but observing the conscious thinking mind from the perspective of the subtle mind.

If we can hold onto this connection and witness the conscious thinking mind from the subtle mind, our meditation will take on a new, deeper level. When we start the mantra will literally be following the instruction of Krishna to be established in yoga while performing action – yogastah kuru karmani (BG Chapter 2 verse 48). This is Krishna's fundamental instruction for achieving Moksha.

Pineal GlandBuilding on this experience we then can let the attention easily rest on the point between the eyebrows and a wonderful world of experience opens. This point between the eyebrows, and about 3 inches interior in the center of the head, is the location of the third eye for psychic experience. When we place our attention on this part of the pranamaya kosha (which is correspondingly located at the Pineal Gland) we cause the senses of the subtle body to open to experience.

Here is an experience when one of the course participants tried it for the first time on the course a few days ago:

Kundalat Devi June 2016In the morning meditation, I started doing it (allowing the attention to rest easily on the point between the eyebrows in the center of the head once established in Dhayana). Meditation was different - I connected first with the Krishna flute sound, but my body was tense and I realized I was not relaxed. My hands and feet trembled. I was worried that something new was happening and felt afraid. In my mind I said to Krishna: “Krishna, I fear greatly as this new exerience comes and I can not help it. Please lead me to help. It is my the decision to go for you. Help me!” Then appeared to me a vivid picture. I saw what appeared to be the water level in front of me and I carefully and slowly descended into the water. I said, “thank you, I understand.” I continued in conjunction with the sound of flutes and with each Sutra perceived new vibrations. I entered into these vibrations and let go. I played with it. Suddenly I was immersed in a new environment. My body was gentle and meditating seemed to me like I'm floating. Then I said “Krishna, can I go to you?” Suddenly I was in very bright light. Then I walked out of it. I started to laugh, I told Krishna “I will always be with you!” There was the end of meditation.

In the next meditation, I meditated with the sound of flutes and my attention between the eyebrows. Krishna was sitting there and I meditate with Him. We were thinking the sutras together and everything went along perfectly. I perceived my physical body, and I perceived the sutras as subtle energies, and I was the permanent observer of it all. As the observer I perceived the movement of Kundalini throughout the body. I let go and allowed Kundalini to move by itself and fell silent as the sounds of the sutras relaxed the body, and I watched the entire meditation."

Also during the course this participant reported another experience:

"When I first arrived on the course I had to sleep for many hours a day, 12 or more hours plus naps often as well. Gradually I felt rested and began to realize that within me are two factions: 1) there is the ego and 2) the luminous whistling silence. The ego corresponds with the conscious thinking mind, always thinking and planning and worrying. What I call the luminous whistling silence is the subtle mind that I now identify with as my true Self. I let go of the ego faction and live always in the wonderful luminous whistling silence. So I continued in meditation day after day. Each day it was easier to go into meditation with the fact that my silence is infinite luminous whistling emptiness. I feel very close to Krishna now and often I talk to Him. I told him how longed to know him. These communications with Krishna are not just a fairy tale – they are very real to me. I asked Krishna about the leftover deep impressions that it are present in my life. Within me. During breaks between meditations now I take Krishna's hand and with the Bhagavat Gita, I read. Yesterday I read a few verses and came to realize the fact that the only truth that stands behind all my processes and events in my life is just my relationship with Krishna. I read that the body of a living being is described as a city with nine gates. This city has the soul of a living being who is adrift activity and effect of this material body. Only Krishna will be able to help the soul find peace and relief from these activities by weight of the body. I've never been so oblivious to this body. It was fascinating to me. After I read these lines and realized the profound truth behind it, I started with a morning meditation.

We started pranayama and then plunged deep into the interior silence of the mantra. As I connected with my interior silence, suddenly inside me began many vivid images. I found myself in the middle of the court of a desert town. I was there all alone. This city was gray and deserted. I stood there, and then I realized, God, this is my city! When I realized it, came changes. Growing up in the courtyard were fresh grass and flowers, trees and flowers which all had fruit. Everywhere they are flying butterflies and singing birds. With me walked deer and animals. In the middle of the court under the trees it was a well with fresh water so I took a seat there. Suddenly, when I looked in one direction, there was Krishna! I walked over, I sat down and I grabbed His hand. I begged Him to stay with me. Forever. We started to meditate together, with Krishna and me meditating on the sutras. My consciousness remained with them. As we began the Esoteric Maha-mantra pure light flooded in and I experienced Krishna Consciousness. It was beautiful. I told myself, if I were here with Tomas, we could really enjoy this. Tomas is my 9 year old son. Then I realized that my city is empty. There are no people here, I asked Krishna why? At that moment my city filled with people. My family, friends, colleagues, all of which I have known for all my life I met there. The town was full of people and all were free to do what they wanted, while I continued in meditation with Krishna. With each thought of the Sutra there was more and more light and people bathed in the energy of Krishna. Suddenly everyone sat down and meditated with us. The whole city was meditating. After a while the people in the city began to dance and celebrate. Cheeks were wet as tears flowed. I felt that I had just been born. And then I found ... this was God's answer to my plea for deep healing. Whatever it was, it forever changed me and my life. Now Krishna has a permanent place in my life and I am very happy and grateful for everything."

And another experience, in which she describes dancing with Krishna:

"During one of the last sutras I felt a lot of pressure in the body. On the physical body I felt as if ants were crawling, some changes. I just felt the pressure within. I already knew that when something like this is felt, there is nothing to fear, just relax and let go. I relaxed and my subtle body began to expand at a tremendous speed and enlarged on all sides. It was such a speed that soon I was infinitely large. Several times during meditation Krishna would hold me with His hands outside the physical body and there we floated and we are beautiful, Krishna and me dancing as if to the rhythm of waltz sutras. He plays with me and laughing. And I think sutras. With my physical eyes closed, my subtle eyes are open and I'm looking at His beautiful face and gushed at the sight that is so beautiful."

Soma Rasa Dance

The lively presence of Krishna on the Moksha Advanced Course has inspired the introduction of a new sutra to experience the lively presence of Krishna in our life. We call this the Gopi Sutra and now everyone on the Moksha Advanced Course will receive this new initiation. This sutra is very special. It is a celebration of our Absolute life as a companion of Krishna in Gokola. This sutra creates the dancing and celebration recorded in the experience above. We practice samyama on this sutra after we have transcended into Goloka with the Esoteric Maha-mantra.

Moksha Advanced Course Number One is drawing to a close now and everyone is bathed in the glow of love and acceptance that Krishna is giving to us. Course Number Two will start on February 12. Make your reservation now for this course and come and enjoy 21 days of deep meditation and delightful experiences of Krishna, leading to the Nirvana of Moksha. There are only 3 openings left for the February course. Click the button below and put "MokshaGift" in the Discount Coupon Code box to receive a 20% discount.

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