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att_1 Introduction


Âtmavedî Part I


Eternal Bliss Consciousness is the essential nature of existence and can be the living reality of your life. The knowledge presented in this book will awaken this fundamental Truth in your awareness. You are cordially invited to study the knowledge presented here and discover the entry portal into your Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

As you read this book and practice the exercises, the elements of S’rî Vyûha will be enlivened in your awareness. S’rî Vyûha is a view of existence from the most comprehensive vantage point. The concepts of S’rî Vyûha in this book are capable of structuring a wholeness that should trigger an awakening in your consciousness. When you finish with this book, you should be seeing the universe differently, and from a perspective that will make entry into Eternal Bliss Consciousness a possibility for you.

That a book like this can create such an apparently life changing influence will not be surprising when you realize that the entire universe is nothing other than a knowledge construct that exists solely in the Mind of the Creator. What we perceive around us is the illusion of a physical reality. Everything, whether ourselves, another person, a physical object, a concept or an emotion, exists totally within the Mind of the Creator, in an ocean of consciousness that contains the universes of innumerable other Creators. To complicate matters further, each one of us is also embedded in a private universe of our own creation.

When we experience life as joyful, progressive and easy it is because our private universe has slipped into sync with the universe of our Creator. When we experience life as a struggle, painful, difficult and miserable, it is because our private universe is out of sync with the universe of our Creator. The shifts of our private universe, in and out of sync with the universe of our Creator, are constantly going on. This instability can leave us with a sense of anxiety and foreboding.

When our private universe is in perfect sync with the universe of the Creator the experience is Bliss. Bliss is the high frequency vibration of consciousness that is the underlying substratum of consciousness pure – before the introduction of an intention. When we experience Bliss we feel unified with everything in the universe. In this unity there can be no fear, because fear is born of duality.

Existence, your life, can be experienced as an eternal continuum of Bliss consciousness. If this is not your experience, you should know that simply because you are reading this book you definitely have the ability to make the changes in your life that will enable you to experience your life as a harmonious, unified, continuum of Bliss Consciousness.

When you begin to make these changes in your personal universe, the experience will probably remind you of a journey. Most will feel that they have entered upon a path that leads to a somewhat vague goal, especially at first. However, as you progress the goal will become much more vivid and concrete.

This goal, living in an eternal continuum of Bliss Consciousness, is called Brahman Consciousness. Brahman Consciousness already exists at all times. If we do not experience Brahman Consciousness it is because there is a cover over it, like clouds that seem to cover the sun. Âtmavedî and the clouds will begin to vanish.

Brahman Consciousness is literally the Mind of the Creator and the ultimate source of our existence. The clouds that cover this eternal inner sun of Pure Knowledge and Truth are made of emotional and mental energies that we have created.

In the chapters that follow, we will trace our existence from the point of individual inception when our consciousness was awake only to itself, to the point where we find ourselves now. We will explore why our universe, which exists solely in the Mind of the Creator, appears to be so vast, real and concrete to us. As you awaken the Truth that has been within you all the time, you will discover how to enter onto the path of Brahman Consciousness and attain the highest goal of human existence.

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