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Lord Narâyana is the Supreme Diety of our universe, a manifestation of S'iva/Krishna to support of the intention of an exhaulted jiva, our Lord Brahma, to create our universe. There are as many Narâyanas as there are universes, which means there are literally infinite Narâyanas.

Let us begin our understanding of Lord Narâyana by looking at the sequence of manifestation for our universe which begins with S'iva/Krishna from which Krishna emerges as the totality of the non-absolute existence or relative existence. From Krishna arise innumerable Mahavishnus, each one ofMahavishnu which bring forth innumerable Narâyanas who each in turn support a Lord Brahma on the mission to create a universe. Each universe, for example our universe, is host to innumerable jivas, each of which has its own personal Âtman. The function of our Âtman is to watch over us, provide guidance and protection and eventually lead us back to our source in S'iva/Krishna.

The graphic below is from Âtmavedî, Part I and it conveys a sense of the cosmology that is the basis of our universe. It helps to establish a context for our topic of Lord Narâyana.

The number of universes in the vastness of the Consciousness of S'iva/Krishna is beyond comprehension by the human intellect. Each Narâyana exists for only a moment from the perspective of the innumerable Mahavishus that are constantly issuing forth from Krishna.

All of this vastness of existence is beyond the realm of the knowable for anyone who is not in Brahman Consciousness. In fact, the limit of the knowable is Lord Brahma and our universe for those who are experiencing what is today "normal" human consciousness.

Once consciousness has risen to the level of Brahman Consciousness, the realm of the knowable has expanded to the realm of Lord Narâyana and extends beyond our universe.

Modern science has many theories that try to understand our universe, starting with the Big Bang and the theories of quantum physics. All of these attempts at knowledge are feeble and only scratch the surface of the one, single universe which we call "our universe" out of the infinite universes that exist. 

The only solution to the quest for knowledge is to rise to Brahman Consciousness where the Truth awakens in your awareness and all that is knowable becomes known to you. To reach this pinacle of existence for a jiva one must come into intimate contact with Lord Narâyana. We are, each one of us, jiva - eternal souls that have broken away from S'iva/Krishna to experience independent existence. When we have risen to Brahman Consciousness, we have come full circle in our jiva existence from total ignorance to full knowledge.

To come into intimate connection and communication with Lord Narâyana is possible for every human being who can think a thought and should be the goal of everyone's life. Lord Narâyana is the source of all knowledge and therefore is honored as the source of the Holy Tradition of Masters. All knowledge that leads to pure knowledge is derived from Lord Narâyana, and since the universe is nothing other than a vast knowledge construct, it is knowledge alone that can set you free from the bondage of fear. All problems of life can be traced to a lack of right knowledge and all success in life stems from access to right knowledge.

Knowledge can be "right" or "wrong". Right knowledge is knowledge that derives from Lord Narâyana through the Holy Tradition of Masters. Such knowledge has the life-transformative power to uplift us from the depths of ignorance to the pinnacle of enlightenment. Wrong knowledge is fragmentary information that is baseless in truth and unreliable. Such wrong knowledge is often derived from scientific investigation and is unholistic and incomplete. It is typical in the realm of science to have the experience that there is far more knowledge than one is capable of knowing, and often one body of knowledge contradicts or conflicts with another.

Right knowledge is totally different. With right knowledge, the more you know, the less you feel the need to know more. Furthermore, right knowledge is cumulative and never conflicting. It is like the difference between day and night - with right knowledge you feel that you are living in the light and with wrong knowledge the feeling is that you are living in the darkness.

Lord Narâyana is the lighthouse of right knowledge and the source of all that will uplift you to the goal of human existence. Lord Narâyana is always benefic and kind, loving and supportive. There is no better way to establish contact with Lord Narâyana and begin to reap the benefits of right knowledge than to establish a relationship with your own Âtman. Your Âtman is your own personal Lord Narâyana. In the Âtmavedî Course, you will establish direct two-way communication with your Âtman and begin to immediately enjoy the increased sense of freedom and joy that will flood into your life.

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