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Âtmavedi Part I Course


Welcome to the Âtmavedi Part I Course Community!

In this Community you will find the complete text of the Âtmavedi Part I book by Vis'vamitra, plus the full set of initial practices that will begin your journey to Brahman Consciousness. There are a total of 7 Sub-Communities here:

  1. Cosmology - this is the full Âtmavedi Part I book by Vis'vamitra. Âtmavedi Part I offers you the knowledge that forms the theoretical basis for discovering your inner Truth, and reclaiming your birthright to Brahman Consciousness. In addition to an inspiring Introduction,  Âtmavedi Part I Includes the following five chapters:
    • Chapter 1: Life in Perspective - the structure of the subtle realms
    • Chapter 2: The Process of Manifestation - the seven states of consciousenss
    • Chapter 3: S'rî Chakra - the universal archetype
    • Chapter 4: Karma
    • Chapter 5: God

  2. Invocations - to invite your Celestial Family to assist you as you embark on this journey home
    • Ganesha for removal of obstacles on the Path to Brahman Consciousness
    • Saraswati for Knowledge leading to Brahman Consciousness
    • The Gayatri Invocation - the mystic formula of universal power composed by Vis'vamitra
    • Hanuman for Devotion to God
    • Mritunjaya Mantra for Immortality
  3. Aditya Hridayam - the ancient secret for destroying arrogance as taught to S'ri Ram on the eve of the battle to free Sita from Ravana's prison
  4. Vishnu (Atma) Sahasranam - Lord Vishnu is the archetype of the Âtman of every individual, so the Vishnu Sahasranama is the Atma Sahasranama. By listening to and chanting these mantras with devotion, one enlivens all the devatas in the S'rî Chakra and purifies the structure from ungrounded energies.
  5. Yoga Asanas Part I -  more than just physical exercise, these postures cultivate Brahman Consciousness
  6. Yoga Asanas Part II - these asanas include Mula Bandha - the asana that enlivens Kundalini
  7. Yoga Asanas Part III - Complete instruction in the five ancient asanas that promote physical immortality plus Surya Namaskara with Bija Mantras

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