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S'rî Vyuha Association is a community of sincere individuals who are striving to enjoy the bliss of Brahman Consciousness. Our work is to perfect our own lives in all areas until the physiology and psychology are able to sustain Brahman Consciousness as our living eternal reality. This is accomplished through the systematic application of techniques that restructure the physiology and purify the psychology. The titles and descriptions of these techniques are available to the public, but the unique knowledge and practices of these techniques are only revealed to Members of S'rî Vyuha Association.

We invite you to review the titles and descriptions of the S'rî Vyuha techniques for establishing Brahman Consciousness. Each Technique is presented in its own Community that offers a general page of information for the public, and a number of private pages that are open to Members. One Community, Atmavedi 1, is completely open to the public. Please visit this Community to learn more about the S'rî Vyuha approach to bring fulfillment to human existence.

Goloka SmallYou are also invited to do your part to usher in the Golden Age that is soon to appear on Earth! Krishna says it will be His pure devotees (bhaktas) who perform samayama on the esoteric maha-mantra that will purify mother Ganga and the entire age of Kali. Only samayama on the esoteric maha-mantra is powerful enough to purify this present age of Kali. Therefore only the Lord's devotees have the power to bring about the golden age within Kali yuga. Only Krishna Bhaktas can do this, so apply today for this delightful and highly evolutionary initiation by completing your application for a free Jyotish Chakra and express your interest in the "samayama on the esoteric maha-mantra" initiation in the Comments.

Balancing Significant Karmic Traces with Remote Viewing


We all carry a heavy load of karma from our ancestors, in particular our parents. Plus there have been life-shaping incidents in our past lives that contribute to our current happiness or lack of it. From our Jyotish we can learn what karma we have inherited in this life, and by looking at the negative karma, we have some insight into what is holding us down or keeping us back. With the technique of Remote Viewing we can visit our past lives and uncover what happened then that is influencing us today. We will actually balance that karma when we view our past lives with Remote Viewing and improve our quality of life now.

Remote Viewing Course

Here are some real-life examples of the power of Remote Viewing to balance past life karma:

  • Man, age 70 - Surya is in his 12th Bhava and this produces troublesome karma in this life:
    many financial losses, and few opportunities, his desires go unfulfilled, and there is no happiness from his eldest sibling, his eldest sibling may die early or lead a life of hardship, he may have losses, debts, and expenses due to his eldest sibling, he may have few friends, and bad friends. may have a disturbed relationship with his father, or the father leads a difficult life, is sickly, or dies early, there may be poor vision, especially in the left eye, the person will lack confidence and power, there is lack of worldly success, the person is likely to wander off to remote foreign countries, where he may even choose to reside, the person may be sinful and immoral, he may be overly indulgent in escapist pleasures such as drugs and alcohol, he may also be rather detached from society and its morals, rules and regulations, there is lack of wealth and fortune and fame, there may be many expenses and misfortunes in life, there is also the possibility of imprisonment or of confinement in a monastery for spiritual purposes.
    Remote Viewing on the karma from Surya took him back to a time 600 years ago where he did some actions that created this karma. Just the experience of revisiting the scene where this karma originated has resulted in considerable balancing of the karma and now he reports he is feeling freedom.

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