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S'rî Vyuha Association is a community of sincere individuals who are striving to enjoy the bliss of Brahman Consciousness. Our work is to perfect our own lives in all areas until the physiology and psychology are able to sustain Brahman Consciousness as our living eternal reality. This is accomplished through the systematic application of techniques that restructure the physiology and purify the psychology. The titles and descriptions of these techniques are available to the public, but the unique knowledge and practices of these techniques are only revealed to Members of S'rî Vyuha Association.

We invite you to review the titles and descriptions of the S'rî Vyuha techniques for establishing Brahman Consciousness. Each Technique is presented in its own Community that offers a general page of information for the public, and a number of private pages that are open to Members. One Community, Atmavedi 1, is completely open to the public. Please visit this Community to learn more about the S'rî Vyuha approach to bring fulfillment to human existence.

Goloka SmallYou are also invited to do your part to usher in the Golden Age that is soon to appear on Earth! Krishna says it will be His pure devotees (bhaktas) who perform samayama on the esoteric maha-mantra that will purify mother Ganga and the entire age of Kali. Only samayama on the esoteric maha-mantra is powerful enough to purify this present age of Kali. Therefore only the Lord's devotees have the power to bring about the golden age within Kali yuga. Only Krishna Bhaktas can do this, so apply today for this delightful and highly evolutionary initiation by completing your application for a free Jyotish Chakra and express your interest in the "samayama on the esoteric maha-mantra" initiation in the Comments.

Goloka Sanctuary Comnunities Are Being Established to Allow You to Survive the Pralaya


The world is currently in the grip of the pralaya that is the transition into the Krishna Golden Age. This pralaya has begun with a world-wide psy-opp - the Coronavirus Pandemic. Now we are hearing "a global problem requires a global solution!" This is exactly the objective of the global elite. Of course, the coronavirus is more deadly than the flu and people should avoid contracting it. But it is the world-wide economic collapse caused by the COVID-19 panic that will kill more people than the virus. Probably during this wave of the pralaya, we could see one billion perish. At the end of this crisis, the people will emerge with far fewer freedoms and greater control by governments, if the global elite are successful. It will be like 911 times 1000. And this is just the beginning - remember the stated agenda of the global elite for the pralaya is "maintain the world population at fewer than 500 million."

Ekam Vitara

If you have joined the Ekam Vitara Network, then you are helping to create a collective consciousness that could raise world collective consciousness enough to stop the pralaya. We need 100,000 on the Network to have this kind of effect and temporarily halt the pralaya. One million on the Network will eliminate the need for a pralaya and we will see all of humanity changing to enjoy a peaceful, prosperous life.

Will we succeed at stopping the pralaya? It is possible only if world collective karma will permit. Every time someone with a Level of Consciousness above 350 joins the Network, we have a tiny influence on world collective karma and this makes the probability of success a little bit more in our favor.

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