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Why is 432 Hz at the Core of Ekam Vitara?


Science has proven that everything is made up of energy and that everything holds its own vibration and frequency, which can then be increased or decreased. One person’s vibration that they are emitting can then affect another person’s energy, and science has proven this interrelation through studying quantum mechanics and our electromagnetic fields and subtle auras. The entire universe is created out of frequencies.

Tesla quote - secrets of universe

One particulare frequency, the frequency of 432 Hz is magical. This frequency unlocks the magnificance of the 3-6-9 sequence that is fundamental to the energy field of our Universe. This frequency is a most beneficial healing frequency. In this video you will learn why 432 Hz is so significant.

432 Hz - Unlocking the Magnificience of the 369: The Key to the Universe

432 Hz is so significant, empowering and energizing for human life, that the global elite, who have the agenda of weaking the entire human population, have actually tried to remove this frequency from our everyday lives. Until the 1950's, most music was played with the instruments tuned to A=432 Hz, which gives the music a beneficial healing effect. Then in 1950 the world-wide standard was changed to 440 Hz.

Music cult control 440hz

Now the people are bringing back 432 Hz into music. The Ekam Vitara Network is broadcasting 432 Hz to all of its Members.

Steiner quote on 432 Hz

The benefits of 432 Hz include the following:

  • 432 Hz unlocks the mysteries of the universe on the level of consciousness
  • This frequency accelerates spiritual and mental development
  • 432 Hz is the frequency in which DNA replicates
  • Has a beneficial effect on the Chakras
  • Many beneficial effects on the human body: lowers blood pressure, lowers heart rate, reverses the damage done by 440 Hz (which creates long-term chronic illness)
  • Promotes peace, relazation and tranquiity in the body
  • Opens the heart chakra for spiritual development

Tesla quote - study non-physical

In addition to the 432 Hz frequency, the Ekam Vitara Network also broadcasts these frequencies:

  • 33 Hz for Transcending to Pure Consciousness
  • 285 Hz for Reversal of Aging, Perfect Health and Youthful Vitality
  • 417 Hz for Facilitating Change and Detoxing the Body
  • 528 Hz for full DNA activation
  • 639 Hz for Lucid Dreaming and Celestial Perceptions
  • 852 Hz for Experiencing Moksha on all 5 Levels

Plus, each Member receives the specific Level of Consciousness Frequency that will provide the Member with the energy (shakti) for rising to their next Level of Consciousness.

Ekam Vitara

These frequencies go directly into the unconscious mind and work to balance karmic traces that are blocking the flowering of full human potential.


The Human Mind / conscious / subconscious / unconsciousThis image depicts the 3 levels of the human mind. Changes made in the most fundamental level, the unconscious mind, eventually make their way in to the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. In this way, the whole of life is changed.

Every one of us have the potential for living a life of peace, prosperity, happiness and love. Enlightenment is our birthright. It is up to each individual to unlock the potential that is hidden beneath the layers of karmic traces in the unconscious and subconscous minds. Once all of the karmic traces are balanced, life is lived in Brahman Consciousness.

With the Ekam Vitara Network, we have a tool of empowerment to allow anyone to rise to higher Levels of Consciousness. Combined with regular meditation, an Ekam Vitara Network Member will make the fastest progress possible.

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