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The North Pole


The North Pole

The North Pole is an interesting study. In the Vedic model of our Universe, the Earth plane is flat as opposed to the view of the general public that we live on a spinning globe. Of course, this globe theory is designed to be the basis of a collection of theories that "prove" the insignificance of human life.

Notice in the video below, the initial slide shows the Vedic conception of the Universe. On the left we are looking down from above and on the right we have a side view of the Earth plane. The north pole is elevated and eventually transitions from physical to etheric to astral to celestial. At the top is Brahmaloka where Lord Brahma resides. Below are the netherworlds.

The North Pole

This video gives us a comprehensive view of the North Pole and touches on the mystery associated with it. Why was the detail of the North Pole erased, literally, from all maps a few hundred years ago?

In this model, the Earth is shaped more like a roulette wheel with the North Pole as the raised center, then sloping down to the depths of the oceans and up again in the outer perimeter forming a natural dish to contain the oceans with the Antarctic ice wall around the rim. Here is such a map drawn by Orlando Ferguson. The reality is probably not such a perfect dish, with continents that are in the depths of the dish actually elevated so they are above sea level, but the general shape seems correct.

Earth Plane as Roulette Wheel Shape

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