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Sri Isopanisad


VyasadevaVeda means "Pure Knowledge." It is the Knowledge that is the foundation of the Universe. The Rk Ved comprises the 432,000 actual sounds that are the seed form of the entire Universe. In Satyug, the Rk Ved was sufficient to convey the entirety of Knowledge, and there was no necessity of reading it. People were so intelligent and had such sharp memories that by once hearing from the lips of the spiritual master they would understand. They would immediately grasp the whole purport.

But 5,000 years ago the age of ignorance dawned, Kaliyug, so Vyasadeva put the Vedas in writing for the people in this age. He knew that eventually the people would be short-lived, their memories would be very poor and their intelligence would not be very sharp. He divided the Vedas into four: Rk, Sama, Atharva and Yajur.

Then he created the other branches of the Vedic literature: the Puranas,the Mahabharata, and the Upanishads

Vyasadeva summarized all Vedic knowledge for scholars and philosophers in what is called the Vedanta-sutra. Vyasadeva personally wrote Vedanta-sutra under the instructions of Narada, his Guru Maharaj and spiritual master.

Finally he created the Sri Isopanisad to give the ultimate Truth in 18 mantras to establish Moksha for anyone who fully appreciates the purport of these mantras and takes them into the heart. It is on this most auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami - the Birthday of the Incarnation of God in the form of Sri Krishna - that we remind everyone of the importance of the Sri Isopanisad.

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Sri Isopanisad

Sri Isopanisad Invocation

The invocation is the seed of the following 18 mantras, and asserts that Krishna is the source of everything and reveals the essence of the model of our Holographic Universe, which is the basis of God Realization:

Components of a Holographic Universe

On Krishna Janmastami, 4th of September, 2007, Maharishi said:

Maharishi 2006Today on the birthday of Sri Krishna - the birthday of Total Knowledge incarnate - birthday, we would say, of the eternal administrator of life on earth, we have the opportunity to offer ourselves to those rising waves of bliss which come to us as the light of dawn of a new administrator of the world, Sri Krishna, Total Knowledge incarnate, total silence incarnate, total dynamism potential incarnate, total Kriya Shakti, Gyan Shakti, Samanvayat, Purna Brahm.

The Sri Isopanisad is the cream of the Vedas and the Core Curriculum at MahaVideha University.

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A S, New Jersey, USA , September 14, 2014 at 3:00 PM | Reply
Granted you are a devotee of Shri Krishna, but the Isopanishad translated is too slanted to this approach. The translations that assert "Brahman" as Supreme and are more impersonal and not slanted toward Krishna are better (for me). I like something more generic.
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , September 14, 2014 at 3:01 PM | Reply
The fundamental question is who is God? Secondary to that, what is God Realization?

If we accept Krishna as God, nothing is higher that Krishna as the most Supreme value of God, it is from Krishna that everything comes, then God Realization is the experience that Krishna is not only Real but here now as one's eternal companion.

Consider the model that maya is a 3-D holographic projection of the coherent laser light of the Consciousness of God, through the Field of All Possibilities (the Gap) - here we have the components of a hologram:

Now we replace the components with our understanding that Krishna is the Consciousness of God, and acting through various agencies, produces what we perceive as our universe. From this we see there can be nothing higher than Realizing God - the experience that God is Real, not the understanding that God is Real.

We can call God "Brahman" but is that personal? If God is personal, then Krishna is what fills the bill. If God is impersonal, then Brahman is what we want to look to. But what would Brahman Realization even mean? Is it the experience that Brahman is Real and also is one's eternal companion. Can something impersonal like Brahman be a companion (Note that Brahman and Lord Brahma are not the same)?

If we take the position that only Krishna is real and everything else is a projection or maya, then to Realize God means to know that which is Real.

We want to align with those who have the thinking that is common in Satyug where spirituality is 100%, when God literally walks among us, i.e., everyone has God Realization. Today in Kaliyug with spirituality at 0%, almost no one has the experience of God Realization.

We see Satyug as the coming age and the ideal for society and individual life. We are inspired by Maharishi's poem about God - from this poem he seems to have the perspective of one who has realized God. Therefore, we insist that God is Real, and has a name - Krishna, so our glasses are always Krishna tinted.

Jai Guru Dev

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