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Brahman Consciousness is a Choice


Brahman Consciousness is like an omnipresent "sun" that illuminates the universe. It is always there, shining brightly but the invidivual ego has created a shell around consciousness that blocks it so that we experience life in darkness and isolation. Fortunately for everyone it is possible to "tunnel" through this egoic shell and catch a glimpse of our birthright, the full sunshine of Brahman Consciousness.

The first step into the full sunshine of Brahman Consciousness is the Maha Videha Initiation. Maha Videha is the experience of That which exists outside the shell of the ego. This experience produces a tunnel through the thick, dark shell of the ego that permits a glimpse into Brahman Consciousness. The Maha Videha Technique is a means to repeat this experience of Brahman Consciousness at any time. Each time the technique is used to experience Brahman Consciousness, a layer of egoic darkness is removed. Eventually, the thick dark egoic shell is transformed into a crystal clear bubble and full bliss of Brahman Consciousness is experienced at all times.

The ego is that structure which provides the individuality necessary for existence. "Exist" means to stand out from. In order to exist, one must have an individual ego but that ego does not have to be a dark shell that only reflects itself back to the witness.

When a baby is born, it has no ego. This is the same situation found in amimals such as dogs, cats, cows, etc. They are unconscious and without an ego. As the child matures and the mind develops, the ego forms and the sense of "mine" and "yours" emerges. The ego produces isolation from others and gains strength from this isolation. The karma of the child, brought over from past lives, produces desires and the isolation created by  the ego creates fear. The pull of desire and the fear arising from isolation generate stress that cover the ego with layer upon layer.

The child is not given the perspective that Reality exists beyond the ego, but instead the maya of egoic existence is reinforced. Very soon, by the age of 2 or before the ego is firmly established and takes full control of the life. Everything from this point is in terms of "me" and "mine" and "not me" and "not mine". The concept that "I am everything" is not a part of the child's early education. The child is taught to believe that we all exist as separate beings.

The egos of the parents want the child to be dependent on them and reinforces the "family unit" as separate from other families. "I am your mother", "I am your father", the egos assert. The child depends on the maya of illusory egoic existence. The first and early concepts of the developing mind of the child are of me and mine and these shape and confine the experience of the child.

This instance of guiding the child properly from an early age is rare because the child would have to be born into a family where the mother and father are in Brahman Consciousness. Such a child would be "ready" for Brahman Consciousness from past lives of evolution in order to be born into such a family. For the rest of us, we have some work to do in this life to purify the dense, dark ego into a pure, transparent ego capable of allowing the full experience of Brahman Consciousness.

Fortunately, this condition of dark egoic existence is not terminal. It is our choice to recognize this mistake of the intellect and rectify it. Brahman Consciousness is a choice we can all make and the techniques to transmute the thick, dark egoic shell into a crystal clear "spaceship" of consciousness are available to all.

Jai Guru Dev!

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Joseph Hills, Potomac,MD , January 12, 2015 at 5:42 PM | Reply
I am surprised when I read in this blog and elsewhere in the website about our "choice" to recognize the mistake of the ego, and that man has "free will". While humans may potentially have access to free will, practically speaking that is not the case. I, (my ego) am not the originator of my thoughts. I exist as part of an experience of a Universe that is already known by the Creator. It is only by the Grace of God that "I" am who I am and that I think what I think, and that, for instance, I would be able to "recognize the mistake of the intellect and rectify it." Is it really "my" or "our" choice?

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