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Krishna's Flute


"The Sound Of Silence"
by Simon and Garfunkel

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

As we progress in our journey back home and approach the first milestone, Level 1 Moksha, the experience of a sound in the head may be noticed. To some this is like a monotoned, high-pitched "eeeeeeeee....." and to others is takes on more of a flute-like melody. Modern medicine has a theory about this, they call it "tinnitus" and occasionally Moksha Vitara Pendant Face - Krishna 3there is a sound that arises as a result of injury, illness or trauma. But if you are meditating or adopting an inward, reflective lifestyle, not exposed to loud sounds that could have damaged your ears, and spontaneously one day you notice this sound, usually it comes occasionally at first, perhaps when meditating, then you notice it outside of meditation and eventually all the time, this is Krishna's Flute. Congratulations! This is a common experience and nothing be concerned about, actually you can celebrate that you are one step closer to Moksha.

Everywhere there are pictures of Krishna playing a flute. This quality of Krishna, the one who plays the flute, is mentioned throughout the Vedic Literature. Why? To let you know that when you begin to hear this sound, you are awaking to Krishna's call to return home to Him.

Once the gopis asked Murali, Krishna’s flute: “O Murali, tell us the truth. What merits does our Lord see in you that he holds you so lovingly and tenderly day and night that you might drink deep the nectar of his lovely lips and installs you as the most beloved queen among us all? Where lies the charm, the beauty, the grace and attractiveness in you? Will you not reveal that secret to us, the constant beggars of Krishna’s love? Though black and born of a wild bamboo family, you have bewitched our lord. When he plays upon you, the peacock madly dances to your tunes, and other birds stand dumb on the summit of the hills. Even the most dreadful cobra is humbled and becomes spellbound. We the gopis lose our normal consciousness and hurriedly wear our nose rings in the ears and earrings in the nose to meet him. The cows give up their grazing and the calves their sucking and stand like statues with ears erect and rapt attention. Ah! How alluring is the melody of your music! It seems you are not a flute, but a magic wand. Your music is like spiritual bliss materialized. It attracts and holds the jivas and their roaming vrittis in supreme and solemn peace of Brahman. Lulled by your melodies, they are lost in the supreme self devoid of all personality. It is as if anahata nada, the inner unceasing sound of yogis, is externalized. So tell us your secret.”

Murali replied: “My dear friends, I know neither magic nor any arts of attraction. I do not possess any merits also. Dead ignorant of them all, I am simply a forest reed, all hollow within and bereft of any beauty. Krishna, my lord, lover and bearer, calls this attitude of mine the greatest virtue and is extremely pleased with it. He over and over whispers into my ear-hole this excellent teaching: ‘Empty yourself and I will fill you.’ I have realized its truth, and I obey it to the very letter. This is magic, if magic you will call it. This is my strength. It is he who sings through me and enchants you all. My dear friends, if you too empty yourselves of all the arrogant airs of your beauty, excellence, family pride and possessions, he will fill every nerve and atom of your body with his love and life. Does the pervading air not fill a jar when it is emptied of other stuff? He will not leave you even for a moment, and will sing through you the sweet melodies of harmony and peace to the whole world.

As I understand, every creature here is his flute, the instrument of expressing his divine voice. You too are his Murali. He sings sweet melodies through your tongue, beauties through your eyes and fragrance through your nose. Every heart is madhuban, the seat of all his lilas, the rendezvous of all the gopis, the centre of all the vrittis. There the only Purusha is Krishna. All others have to make a passive surrender to him.”

This body is the flute of Krishna in the microcosm. If you can destroy your egoism and have total self-surrender, unreserved atma-nivedan to the Lord, he will play on the body flute and bring out melodious tunes. You will become merged in his will. He will work unhampered through your instruments – body, mind and senses. You can rest very peacefully then without care, worry or anxiety. You can watch the play of the universe as a sakshi, witness. Then your sadhana will go forward by leaps and bounds because the divine will and grace will work through you. In fact, you need not do any sadhana at all, only practise self-surrender from the very core of your heart, with all your being. Learn the lesson from the flute and follow its ways. If you have offered yourself at the feet of Krishna, you have already reached the goal, you have already attained the realm of peace, the kingdom of immortality. You have found the joy that never fades, a life that never dies. You have reached the other shore of fearlessness, which is beyond darkness, despair, doubt, grief, sorrow, pain and delusion.

Purify your mind. Destroy your negative tendencies and egoism. Hear once more the flute of the flute-bearer of Vrindavan, his immortal song of Bhagavad Gita and allow him to play in this body flute of yours. [2]

In Chapter 2, verse 48 of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna gives us the secret: "yogastah kuru karmani" (established in yoga, perform action). This is how to hear the flute of Krishna, so we begin every meditation by first finding the silence in the mind, this silence is our connection to the subtle mind that is our connection to Krishna. The conscious thinking mind and body is just a machine, a robot that performs tasks for us.  Creating this connection to the subtle mind will eventually lead to Moksha.

Attending one or more of the Moksha Advanced Courses is an excellent way for you to establish the practices that will bring Moksha into your life. There are now two important new options for you:

Purifying Ayurvedic Juice Fast Option: You may elect to take a purifying Ayurvedic juice fast with during your course. A diet of raw milk (optional) and pure organic raw juice will unleash the natural healing power of your body by flushing out all built up toxins and flooding your system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants.

Matching Grant Program: If you cannot afford the full tuition for the 21-day course, you can apply for the Matching Grant Program and attend for as little as $2,088.80. MVU has a Moksha Advanced Course Matching Grant fund that will provide the balance of your tuition. You simply elect the Matching Grant option for registration and pay the deposit, which is 50% of the normal cost and does include the MokshaGift Certificate for an additional 20% discount. Type "MokshaGift" into the Discount Coupon Code box on the registration page and check the Moksha Grant Refundable Deposit option. If there are not adequate funds available for your matching grant at the last registration date for your course, your deposit will be refunded. Grants are awarded in the order applied for, so register today for the best opportunity to receive a grant.

To contribute to the MVU Moksha Advanced Course Matching Grant Fund and help others attend this course, please visit this page and select the appropriate option from the menu.

https://www.mahavideha.org/MVU/BookStore/Donation Any amount of donation is helpful and appreciated!

Click here to see the full listing of courses.


[1] The Sounds of Silence: https://youtu.be/4fWyzwo1xg0

[2] https://www.yogamag.net/archives/2009/fjune09/flute.shtml

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