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Goloka Sanctuary Communities - Application to Join


NG - Logo with Text smallGoloka Sanctuary Communities are now accepting applications to allow you to join a community in your country. There are 3,300 communities planned that will be stragetically located in safe zones throughout the world. Each Goloka Sanctuary Community will be the home for about 300 individuals. There are a variety of residental units, school and university buildings and buildings for hydropondic gardens and dairy, all constructed of fire and earthquake resistant concrete. The buildings are all of the geodesic dome design, which is both energy efficient and the strongest structure known. Here are a few pictures of the residential units, including exterior, interior and floor plans.

Each residential unit is constructed of concrete with embedded fine mesh metal screen wire to form a Faraday Cage. Inside there is a Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid for each person or couple, and a Goloka Projector for perfect Vastu. There are units to accomodate from one person to entire families of 5 or more.

MVU logo smaller sizeEach Goloka Sanctuary Community is fully sustainable and self-sufficient - everything for a comfortable lifestyle is included in the community, including organic hydropondic gardens and an ahimsa dairy. Each community has a MahaVideha University Campus and a MahaVideha School, plus a Sri Vyuha Ashram.

Surrounding the buildings are very large geodesic domes to form a bio-sphere for the community. These domes have thick, concrete base walls that are 4 feet thick and range in height from 10 to 25 feet (depending on the gradations of the land) to form a horizontal foundation for the steel and wire mesh geodesic dome that is 65 to 80 feet above the ground at the center. This provides a full Farada Cage, excellent security and allows us to have trees and gardens inside the domes, around the residences and buildings. In this slideshow, you can see the initial Goloka Sanctuary Community for 30 residents at 242 Pinon Trail in Cedar Crest, New Mexico. The larger communities replicate this model by a factor of 10, with all exterior domes (a total of 30) connected by interior walkways.

MahaVideha School LogoEvery adult has some light duties to perform for the management, maintenance, and security of the community. The children enjoy the finest education in the MahaVideha School. Every adult is encouraged to attend courses at the MahaVideha University Campus and earn their Doctor of Divinty degree during their stay. Then enjoy life in the Bliss of Krishna Consciousness in the Sri Vyuha Ashram.

Satyug Kaya Kalpa LogoEveryone is enrolled in the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Program to create their Satyug Physiology for the coming Krishna Golden Age. Everyone has a Maha Yajña Vitara so the individual and the entire community is Invincible.

These Goloka Sanctuary Communities provide you with the ideal way of surviving the effects of the pralaya so you can thrive in the new Krishna Golden Age with a perfect, Satyug physiology. The so-called global elite and their government officials have been implementing their survival plan for the past 35 years. NASA announced (by mistake) on December 30, 1983 that the Infra-Red Astronomical Satelite telescope (IRAS) had discovered "Planet X" (now known as Nibiru or Rahu and its brown dwarf stat Nemisis or Ketu). Information about the upcoming fly-by and the disasters it will bring has been restricted from the public. The decision was made by the global elite and governments around the world to save themselves and hide the coming wave of global destruction from the public. There logic was, and still is, "we need a massive population reduction on earth."

In 1979 the Georgia Guidestones were erected to announce their agenda of massive population reduction, from 7 billion down to 500 million. With the fly-by of Nibiru (which has been known in elite circles since the early 50's), they have the means of accomplishing this agenda.

Through massive global black-ops programs, the elite and governments have financed the construction of their elaborate underground bunker cities for themselves and select individuals. Plus a prison planet control grid to protect themselves from the angry population when the disasters begin. More than 1 quadrillion dollars has been stolen from the public for this project. Now they are almost ready with their "continuation of government" programs, and when the first near sighting of Nibiru appears, they will run to their bunkers and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

Well, surprise! We will actually do very nicely on our own with the Goloka Sanctuary Communities. We will not only survive, but also thrive.

While we are not 100% certain that the effects of the Nibiru fly-by will be a bad as predicted, we are sure there will be a significant, serious negative impact on life as we know it. It is almost certain that those living in conventional housing will not be able to survive. The Goloka Sanctuary Communities are designed to withstand 9.0 Richter Scale earthquakes, volcanic ash and meteor showers and whatever else this fly-by can throw at us. It is necessary to locate the communities in safe zones at higher elevations, far away from the costal regions, nests of atomic power plants, known fault lines and volcanic activity, and also some areas (such as South Africa) will not be favorable for life at all when the pole shift occurs.

Now is your opportunity to apply for admittance to a Goloka Sanctuary Community in the United States or your country. It is imporant to apply now in order to be sure you and your family will be safe, and to join with us to help plan and implement this massive project. We are creating communities first in areas where we have the largest number of applications.

We do not know the exact date that the Nibiru events will start due to the extremely difficult astronomical calculations. But, when everyone can see Nibiru in the morning sky, next to our Sun, it will be very late and we will have only 3 or 4 months before the devastating effects begin. By then, it will be too late for building sanctuaries. That will be the time when you will be notified is it time to move to your new home. So we have to begin building now. Some believe we will see the first global sighting of Nibiru this winter, in December 2015 - perhaps a 70% chance. Next year in December the probablilty is greater and with each successive year the probability will increase by 5 percentage points. The highest probability is between 2 and 5 years from now, and if so we will be well prepared.

Be sure to plan ahead and apply for admittance now. There will be no "tickets at the door."

Click here to apply to join a Goloka Sanctuary Community

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