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Earthday, Goloka and Cows


Conscious individuals are preparing to celebrate Earthday on April 22, 2008. This is a good beginning of the awareness of the importance of our planet. But there is so much more to understand and appreciate about planet Earth! The Earth is also Goloka, the eternal abode of Krishna. Krishna incarnated on Earth about 5,000 years ago near the end of Trita Yuga as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. The Srimad Bhagavatam describes Goloka as the highest planet. In Goloka Krishna, who is known as the protector of cows, resides with Radharani, His eternal consort, wherein He performs His divine play, known as Veda Lila.

This first paragraph raises some interesting ideas, the first of which is Goloka.  Goloka means the world of cows. We know that cows are considered sacred, but why? Because the cow is the physical representative of mother Gaia, the diety of planet Earth. When we respect the cow we are paying respect to Gaia and to her gift to mankind, the planet Earth. Throughout Vedic Literature there is mention of the importance of cows and that the highest Dharma of man is the protection of cows.

In 1946, His Divinity Brahmanada Saraswati, then the Shankaracharaya of Jyotir Mat, wrote an article titled Godhana for the Go-Ankh edition of Kalayana magazine (Gita Press, Gorakhpur). In part He writes:

The special greatness of the treasure of cows is pointed out in the Dharma Shastra: sarvesdhameva bhutanam gavah sharanamutamam [Of all living beings give cows the most excellent protection] Today it is usual to be pleased at measuring the material weight of the cow stock; but remember now of the subtler-than-the-subtlest of material knowledge of cow stock, of the excellent dharma and usefulness, the very whereabouts may not [now] be connected with, that was evident through supernatural powers...

The greatness and holiness of cow stock, in you is one which is subtler-than-the-subtlest, the cause and form, the reason of keenness of the elements, for their investigation and knowledge the yantra (instrument) of modern material scientists will always remain too crude. Right here is also the cause of the clever twentieth century knowledge remaining unsuccessful in the understanding of the real truth - the secret that in the hairs on the body of the mother cow, the gods are dwelling...

From the Skanda Purana we know that every part of the cow houses a deity, According to this illustration by Vidyananda Saraswati Swami, 1890, Brahma is in her back, Vishnu in her throat, Rudra is established on her face, Sun and Moon are in her eyes, Yama and Indra on the tips of the horns, the Ashvins in her nostrils, Lakshmi and Ganga at her tail.

Krishna is known as the protector of cows. He incarnated in the village of Vrindavana to the family Nanda, the head of a community of cow-herders to further illustrate this point. For happiness, wealth, and the fulfillment of desires and ultimately Brahman Consciousness, it is imperative that we all follow Krishna's example and honor and protect cows.

From cows we get the most sacred and essential substance for celestial communication - ghee. Ghee is necessary for successful yagña and should be an integral part of everyone's daily meditation. To place a lighted ghee lamp on the altar, in front of an image of the Divine, will bring about a very real, subtle connection between the individual and the Diety. This is thanks to Agni, the god of fire, whose duty it is to carry the prayers of the devotee to the Divine through the instrumentality of the ghee fire. It is common these days to light a parafin candle to honor the Divine, however on a scale of 1 to 1000, the light of a parafin candle is 1 compared to 1000 for a ghee lamp. If the ghee is prepared with utmost care, the milk taken from lovingly treated, organic fed cows and prepared according to the ancient traditions, then the ghee has even more "power" to foster celestial communications.

Ghee is an integral part of the practice of ayurvedic herbal formulations. Its use in these formulations increases the potency of the herbs and carries the active components to the interior of the cells of the body. Ghee helps to balance excess stomach acid and helps maintain the mucus lining of the stomach. Ghee promotes the three aspect of mental functioning: learning, memory and recall. As ghee ages, its potency increases. This is the opposite of all other organic products, further demonstrating the unique value of ghee.

Our planet Earth is Goloka. It is an essential part of our Enlightenment to honor, protect and preserve our planet. This is the abode of Krishna where He plays His Veda Lila with Radharani and the gopis. Each one of us is a gopi and destined to enjoy the Lila of Krishna in Brahman Consciousness.

In Brahman Consciousness the individual mind is completely absorbed into the Mind of Lord Brahma, like a tiny bubble floating within a vast calm lake. Inside the bubble resides the completely crystal clear ego of the person in Brahman Consciousness. He or she can appreciate without restriction the entire range of intelligence and knowledge that is contained in the Mind of Lord Brahma. Anything may be known to him and will be known by him at the exact appropriate time.

His mind is completely silent - witnessing the glory of Lord Brahma as a child watching a delightful fairy tale unfold. He expects nothing, wants nothing, thinks about nothing and remembers nothing. He simply witnesses the world around him in childlike innocence because everything is a completely new and fresh experience for him, every minute of every day - 24 hours a day.

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Charles Phipps, North Hills, CA 91343 , January 13, 2014 at 12:45 PM | Reply
Thank you for this beautiful article. It has given me great awareness of the cow and since I was born in farm country it means allot to me.

Jai Guru Dev

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