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Devas Will Help You Experience Moksha Level 2


The goal of human existence is Moksha so we are focused on how to achieve this state of consciousness experience. We have identified five levels of Moksha:

  1. DhyanaMoksha Level 1 is the experience of all life from the subtle mind, 24 hours a day witnessing of the conscious thinking mind and the physical life. This is also known as Cosmic Consciousness
  2. Moksha Level 2 is the experience of the subtle realms using the subtle senses. This is also known as God Consciousness.
  3. Moksha Level 3 is the experience of life as a unified connection - one feels connected to all life. This is also known as Unity Consciousness
  4. Moksha Level 4 is the experience "Aham Brahmasmi" or I am the entire universe and I am the Creator of this universe. This is also known as Brahman Consciousness.
  5. Moksha Level 5 is the experience that Krishna is everything, or Krishna Consciousness.

The Moksha Advanced Course is designed to help you achieve the five levels of Moksha. To open the subtle senses to the subtle realms, we can take the help of concentrated energy centers or vortexes found in various locations around the Earth plane. The energy vortexes are places were many helpful devas are found. When we meditate in these places the devas are attracted to us and will help us to open our subtle senses. One such place with several energy vortexes is Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is within driving distance of Ruidoso, New Mexico where we host the Moksha Advanced Course series so we sometimes will go to Sedona to enhance our experiences on the Course. One such trip is scheduled for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend,  Thursday August 31 through Sunday September 3. This event can be attended separately from the  Advanced Course. Click here to register.

Sedona spiritual vortexes are powerful and transformational energy centers that are located at specific sites throughout Sedona, Arizona. Vortexes are the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy, also known as ley lines. Ley lines can intersect in different ways, creating different types of energy vortexes. The three most common types of vortexes are magnetic, electrical and balanced vortexes. The energy felt in these areas is actually the field of devas that congregate there. When we meditate in these areas the devas come around and help us to have deeper experiences and to open our subtle senses so we can experience their presence and forms.

Come and join us on this delightful adventure into the realm of the devas! Here are a few pictures from Sedona and our course facility. We will arrive in Sedona the evening of August 30, 2017, coming from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then we spend all day August 31, September 1, September 2 in Sedona. On September 3 we visit the Grand Canyon. On September 4 in the morning we drive back to Albuquerque. If you fly into Albuquerque on August 30, and arrive by 10:00am, you can come with us to Sedona and we will take you back to Albuquerque on September 4 around 6pm for your return flight. Or you can fly into Phoenix and take a shuttle to Sedona.

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