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Chudala Trilogy - Madam President: Chapter 2, Goloka Projector


Chudala Trilogy - Madam President: Chapter 2, Goloka Projector

Chudala and Muraridas are a beautiful, young and vital couple. They both look like they are 25 years old but their chronological ages are 57 and 59 respectively. Muraridas has completed his transformation to a Satyug physiology about 1 year ago – the process took a total of 5 years. He is the first to have made the transition to an ageless body outside of the Community. It did take about 1 year longer than what was the norm in the Community. This is due to the intense electromagnetic radiation present in the San Francisco area.

They are now engaged in working with the 194 Enlightened leaders of the other countries. This entails making personal visits to these leaders and working with them to craft their political platforms and strategies for ascending to the top political position in their country and executing on the changes they have agreed to. They sometimes go together and even Juan Tabo will accompany them to certain difficult countries such as China, Russia, and North Korea.

China is a special problem they are tackling now. The communist regime has a firm grip on this country and they contribute almost no one to the Ekam Vitara Network so the Rakshasas are most strong here. The three of them are now in Shenzhen, China with our China Operative, Wei Zhou, who is operating in the clone body that Juan Tabo created for him over 30 years ago.

Wei Zhou came into the Community from rural China in 1986 at the age of 24. His clone, which he inhabited after his original physical body was slain during the destruction of the Community while it was in the Lower Celestial realm, has been working in China for these last 34 years, gradually rising to higher and higher political positions and now is a leader in the Chinese Communist Party. He is a Senior Party Secretary that manages all of the Party Secretaries of the Governors of all of the Provinces and he is the Minister of Ecology and Environment. This means he sits on the inner council of the President of China – just one step from becoming the next President. In this position he is also a member of the Chinese Illuminati, and that is a most incredible accomplishment.

The Chinese Illuminati is extremely secretive and very difficult to join because they are so careful about making infiltration of their organization totally impossible. So, Wei Zhou has literally accomplished the “impossible” by infiltrating this organization. The four are meeting today to discuss their plan for making Wei Zhou the next President of China.

Wei Zhou, I am very gratified by your progress! What is our next step?” Juan Tabo said.

I believe I have come under investigation of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI). They're the secret police that operates outside the law. Officially, they're like internal affair of police, they investigate corruption and other illegal activities of the party members. But in practice, they investigate whoever they want, with whatever little or no evidence to support any accusation. They can detain people as long as they want, torture and other extreme interrogation methods are often used. CCDI is probably the most corrupted organization in China. So far, they have not detained me for interrogation, but I have noticed their presence. We need a strategy to throw them off my scent.” Wei Zhou said.

The Illuminati is Rakshasa controlled, but is the CCDI independent of the Illuminati?” said Juan Tabo.

They are controlled by the Illuminati, but none of the CCDI members are in the Illuminati.” Wei Zhou said.

Is President Xi Jinping an Illuminati member?” asked Juan Tabo.

Yes, he was ostensibly chosen as part of the meritocracy system, but in reality, he was chosen by the Illuminati.” Said Wei Zhou.

“Does the CCDI know you are in the Illuminati?” Juan Tabo asked.

“I think the next step would be to let them know. Then they will back off.” Juan Tabo said.

Yes, that will work. Moving on, I believe we need to change the Level of Consciousness of the Chinese people so they will deserve a new leader that will better serve them, and weaken the grip of the Illuminati and their Rakshasa controllers. Without this change, I will be stuck here.” Said Wei Zhou.

I agree. Fortunately, you are the Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. We have for you a special vitara that will not infringe on the free will of the people, but it will produce a purer, more sattvic environment within which they will feel freer and more open to the ideas of development of consciousness. It is just what the Ministry of Ecology and Environment needs for the people of China. Then when the people feel freer and safer, they will become interested in changing their Level of Consciousness, and you will be there with the solution in the form of the Ekam Vitara Network.

You will then become very popular in the country and the Politburo will take notice of your popularity. They are concerned that the people are questioning their authority and they know that repression is a fragile means of control and could backfire at any time. The more you repress the people, the greater is the pressure that builds in them to revolt. They will welcome you as a means of releasing all the pressure and restoring their legitimacy in the eyes of the people. Then you will be free to gradually help the people rise to higher and higher levels of consciousness.” Juan Tabo said.

Yes! This will work and with the full support of the Rakshasas and Illuminati. They want the people of China to be strong so they can engage in war with the United States and produce millions of deaths. So, they will endorse the use of the Goloka Projector. Of course, they will not like the Ekam Vitara Network but as the people change to more positive and stronger, the Rakshasas will become weaker and less capable of reacting.” Wei Zhou said.

What is this new vitara?” Chudala asked.

We call it the Goloka Projector, because it creates an environment like Goloka; pure, safe, comfortable and very blissful. It is like changing the water in the goldfish bowl from stagnant and polluted to pure and fresh. The people will feel the difference, more empowered and safe.” Said Juan Tabo.

Let me explain how the Goloka Projector creates this amazing effect in the environment. We have to understand how our Universe was originally created; it is literally made of sound vibrations or frequencies in the consciousness of the Creator. There are 432,000 sacred syllables, that when resonated in consciousness using a specific mental technique called Samyama, will create, in consciousness, a replica of the Absolute Universe known as Goloka. This Universe that is created is complete with human beings, plants, insects to help the plants reproduce, oceans and lakes, mountains and plains, and all manner of Celestial beings to maintain the Universe; in other words, a complete world, like what we have all around us today is created.” Juan Tabo said.

Is this the same Samyama technique we use to manifest the siddhis?” Said Muraridas.

Yes! You use the technique on 51 sutras, as prescribed by Patanjali, and create an influence that balances significant bundles of karmic traces, and thereby the innate, natural abilities that all human beings have are uncovered. It is the same process to create an entire Universe, only on a much larger scale. This meditation takes thousands of years to complete. If you were able to perform this long meditation, at the end you would have an entire Universe appear, like magic, in your mind. It is like a WILD – waking induced lucid dream. So, the entire Universe is a colossal dream in the Mind of the Creator. You and I and everyone and everything exist in this Dream. From inside the Dream, everything seems solid and real. But when you take your consciousness outside this dream, you can see it as just a Dream in the Mind of the Creator. Of course, you have experienced this yourself.” Juan Tabo said.

Oh yes, that we have!” said Chudala. “But, how does a device, basically a machine, change the environment in this Dream, from within the Dream?

This device is not just a machine, it is a living being that we create from inanimate parts such as a Shungite pyramid, a quartz crystal, copper wire, and an electronic circuit that sends the 432,000 primordial frequencies into the quartz crystal, through the copper wire that is wrapped around the crystal. When electricity is supplied, this device comes alive and literally projects the pure, primordial frequencies that create a perfect Universe into the Scalar Field and produce the beginnings of a perfect Universe in the locality of the vitara.” Juan Tabo said.

The Shungite pyramid contains the incredible C60 molecule of Carbon, which has the ability to adsorb chaotic electromagnetic energy in the environment. Look at this chart:” Juan Tabo projected an image into the room in front of the other 4. It looked like a shimmering, translucent chart on an invisible screen. His Level of Consciousness is well over 900 so he can literally inject objects into the Dream of the Universe. The only limitation is he must not interfere with the free-will of anyone.

Electromagnetic Radiation These are frequencies Man has introduced into the environment and they are not natural, life supporting frequencies at all. They are very damaging to human life, in fact all life is negatively impacted by these chaotic, unnatural frequencies. Many of the frequencies have been purposely introduced by agents of the Rakshasas to weaken the human race and make them more easily controlled and killed. The Shungite pyramid will cleanse an area surrounding it from the influence of these energies. Simultaneously, the quartz crystal will project the primordial frequencies of the perfect Universe into the Scalar Field and thereby produce a bubble of sattwa (purity) surrounding the vitara. The overall effect is quite profound. One such Goloka Projector will purify the environment around it for about 167,000 square meters of land area and that is about 400 meters in all directions. The limiting factors are the size of the Shungite Pyramid and the transmission power of the electronic circuitry. This unit is the largest size that can be practically manufactured.” Said Juan Tabo

By my calculations, to purify the entire Chinese Mainland, we will need to install 60,000 of this largest possible sized Goloka Projector uniformly throughout China. We have to include both the metropolitan and rural areas. These large Goloka Projectors will be self-contained units with solar power and batteries. They take up about 1 square meter of space and must be placed where they receive sunlight for at least 8 hours a day.” Juan Tabo said.

We can manufacture them here in China and the government will pay the cost. We will have to place them in secure locations so they are not tampered with by the locals. First priority will be the rooftop of government buildings. Then we will engage locals to use their roofs, and finally, if there is no suitable rooftop, we will build a tower and place the unit on top of the tower. Each unit will broadcast its current health state to a central computer system that will monitor all units and send alerts when a unit needs attention. This will be a significant project, employing many people just to monitor and maintain the array. I am sure it will be possible.” Said Wei Zhou.

Very good!” Juan Tabo said as he stood up to leave. “It will take some time, perhaps 2 years, before the effect of the Goloka Projectors will create the environment in China to allow the people to feel empowered and receptive to the Ekam Vitara Network. We should include an Ekam Vitara Network with each Goloka Projector so when the people are ready, they can be added to the local Network and then their rise to higher Levels of Consciousness will begin. By having local Ekam Vitara Networks, the effect will be slightly more powerful so the people will advance more quickly.

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