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Chudala Trilogy - Madam President: Chapter 1, Massive Changes


Chudala Trilogy - Madam President: Chapter 1, Massive Changes

It is August 12, 2023 and the next President of the United States will be elected in November, 2024, just 15 months from now. Amanda, and her running mate and husband Michael, have been able to get on the ballot in all 50 States and Washington DC through the Independent American Party. She is now a serious contender for the Office.

On this beautiful, sunny morning in San Francisco, the sun streams in to the master bedroom of their townhome on Scott Street. It is the end unit of a triplex that sits at the top of the hill, 3 floors with a roof deck that has magnificent views of the city and the bay. Michael awakens first, sitting up to survey the room and then looks at Amanda by his side just starting to stir. She stretches and sits up.

Ok, here we go, Michael! Juan Tabo will be here soon.” Amanda said, leaping from the California King bed and walking quickly to the bathroom.

Michael watches her unemotionally as she scurries to the bathroom. Even at age 57 she has a beautiful, well-tanned body and her shoulder length dark brown hair is flowing in the wake of her fast movement. One characteristic of drones is their lack of natural, spontaneous emotion. Michael can appear emotional when the situation calls for it, but when alone with Amanda, he is like a robot, expressionless. This results in Amanda not forming any emotional bond with Michael – there is no love between them, but in public one would never know. They are the perfect couple, madly in love with each other. They play their roles well.

Amanda, as a clone of Chudala, feels normal human emotion and, due to her very high Level of Consciousness, is blissfully happy all the time. Because she and Chudala share subtle bodies beyond the physical, she has attained LOC 900, almost the same as Chudala, who is at 920. Working together, they have swiftly risen to LOC 900. The only thing that determines an individual’s LOC is the individual karmic traces lodged in the physical body (in the DNA), and in the pranamaya kosha (as emotional energies) and in the manomaya kosha as knowledge constructs.

The best way to balance karmic traces are the mental techniques of dharana, dhyana and samyama. When Amanda meditates, some karmic traces on all three bodies balanced. The ones in the two subtle bodies that she shares with Chudala will benefit both women. The same happens when Chudala meditates. The only difference is the physical body. For Amanda, she has aged gracefully, still looks beautiful but also a youngish 57. Chudala’s physical body looks like a girl of 25 due to her participation in the Aging Reversal Program of Satyug Kaya Kalpa at the Community. This transition to a youthful, vital physical body was initiated during her time there. The transition to a Satyug physiology, once gained, is never lost if the individual maintains the minimum level of C60 in every cell of the body. Chudala can continue with this body for as long as necessary, up to about 100,000 years. Amanda will continue to age slowly, at about half the normal rate, and her physical body will die about age 200. She is on the Life Extension Program of Satyug Kaya Kalpa. The main feature of this program is it can be conducted outside of the Community. The drone Michael will age at the same rate as Amanda and is on the Life Extension program.

Both Amanda and Chudala experience life from LOC 900 as the Creator of the Universe. Because they have attained Brahman Consciousness, which is the highest ideal for a human life, their individual mind in their subtle bodies is now completely absorbed into the Mind of the Creator, like a tiny bubble floating within a vast calm lake. Inside the bubble resides their completely crystal-clear ego. They appreciate without restriction the entire range of intelligence and knowledge that is contained in the Mind of the Creator. They live in the NOW and experience the Bliss of that timeless state. They both witness their physical lives from this higher perspective. Their individual conscious thinking minds are different because of the difference in the karmic traces in their physical bodies. But from the Witnessing Consciousness of the Creator, they are one Being.

Both of them share the same agenda: service to humanity and supporting the Universe. Chudala has balanced more of her physical karmic traces than Amanda, so she can fully manifest all of the siddhis. Amanda can manifest some of the siddhis.

The doorbell rings. It is Juan Tabo. Amanda opens the front door. “Welcome Juan Tabo!” Amanda says as they hug. She takes his hand and ushers him into the living room where Michael is now seated.

Michael stands, smiling and extends his right hand to Juan Tabo. They shake hands and everyone takes a seat.

Amanda, Michael, you are about to embark on a very interesting year that will culminate in both of you being elected to serve as President, Amanda, and Vice President, Michael, but you will be seen by the population as Co-Presidents. This is a first in the United States.” Said Juan Tabo.

Juan Tabo, will the Rakshasas allow this to happen?” Amanda said.

They are becoming so weak that they will not be a viable threat, thanks to the Ekam Vitara Network, which is growing rapidly. The Network now has 800,000 Members and 500,000 are citizens of the USA. The average LOC of the Network is now 486 and for the US population it is 510. This has pulled the average LOC of the collective consciousness of the United States to nearly 300. This means the majority of the population of the US is feeling neutral, trust and safety. As a whole, the people are non-judgmental, objective, and able to see things as they truly are. They are not attached to possessions, situations, results, and can roll with the punches in life. If they are not able to get something, they are equally happy settling for something else. The process is one of release (of everything). Their life view is satisfactory, where anything goes. They are easy to get along with and want to engage toward causes and visions.”

About half of this majority are feeling willingness and optimism runs high. They are open to do anything and everything and they are not restricted by others’ judgments or limitations. They are passionate about doing things well rather than just doing things. They can readily bounce back from setbacks, are easily moldable, and genuinely open to everyone. Success follows them easily and their life view is hopefulness.

This transition is of the people is new and most do not understand why they are feeling so optimistic, trusting and safe. Of course, the agenda of the Rakshasas is now obsolete in the United States. They have become powerless because they feed on fear and distrust and there are few left in the country at that low level of consciousness. You will experience very little opposition from them now and less and less as the year progresses. By the time you take office in the White House, the Ekam Vitara Network will have one million members and the entire world will be a completely different place than it was a year ago and, than it is now.” Juan Tabo said.

Your constituents expect massive changes to take place in their government. Let’s define your Political Platform that will give the people what they need to progress rapidly to lives of freedom, fulfillment and happiness. Here are your main objectives when elected to the Presidency:

  • Eliminate the Federal Department of Education – Education in the world today and in the United States is based on the Prussian system of brainwashing the children to create ‘obedient citizens’ who will follow the laws laid down by the government and see the government as their leader and protector. They will work and pay taxes and not think too much and not cause trouble. Through coercion with money, the Federal Government now forces all schools to follow an archaic system of education that does not serve the children. When this department is eliminated, then all education for the children of America will return to the local level and home schooling is encouraged. Under the current system of heavy taxation, it has been necessary for both parents to work. But now it will be different and the mother can afford to stay at home to raise the children properly and home school them.
  • Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment and dissolve the IRS; no more income tax. Before 1913 the Federal Government did not need an income tax, but when the Federal Reserve Bank was established in a major coup to take control of the country’s money, the same politicians who were minions of the global elite established the fraudulent Sixteenth Amendment. This Amendment was not legally ratified and the Secretary of State, Philander Knox committed fraud when he declared it ratified in February, 1913. So, basically the Federal Government has been stealing from the people for over 100 years, trillions of dollars have been stolen. But the children have been indoctrinated to believe the IRS is a legal entity and they must pay taxes. When the size of the Federal Government is shrunk to its proper size, there will be no need to perpetuate this fraud. This one change will free up trillions of dollars for the American people to use in their personal lives.
  • Take back monetary control from the Federal Reserve; the Central Banks will become irrelevant. There is today a strategy, dubbed the Rothschild Formula, in which the world’s money cabal, or global elite, deliberately encourages war as a means of stimulating the profitable production of armaments and of keeping nations perpetually in debt. This is not profit seeking, it is genocide. Our elected and non-elected leaders are, in fact, implementing the Rothschild Formula today through the Federal Reserve and the other Central Banks located in almost every country of the world. The Federal Reserve manipulates the financial markets to cause repeated cycles of boom and bust. During the downturns, they can swoop in and buy assets for pennies on the dollar and have used this strategy to amass hundreds of trillions of wealth at the expense of the common man.
  • Reestablish the US Dollar as a gold-backed currency. This will stop rampant inflation and restore the faith in the value of the Dollar. This will need to happen in cooperation with all the other countries of the world. We now have or will soon have enlightened leaders in every country of the world, so this can indeed become a reality.
  • Eliminate the Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Marines – all US military bases will be closed around the world. The United States will depend solely on the National Guard, Coast Guard and Border Patrol for its sovereign security. The entire Military Industrial Complex will collapse.
  • Repeal the Patriot Act and dissolve Homeland Security. This fraud that was perpetuated on the country by the global elite in the aftermath of the staged demolition of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, was designed to restrict the freedoms of the American People and make them weaker and more easily controlled.
  • NASA is closed. This boondoggle of an organization, designed to siphon off trillions of dollars from the people in the fake quest for outer space, is directly tied to the Military Industrial Complex. Now that most people understand that the Universe was created for the Human Race and we live in a closed system where it is not possible to leave in the physical body, this arcane relic of the CIA psy-opp era has outlived its usefulness to even the global elite.
  • Stop all Geoengineering or ‘Chem Trailing’. Still we find that the government is polluting the atmosphere with all manner of toxic chemicals and nanobots, designed to weaken the human population and also to destroy life on Earth, in general. It is a key element in the destruction plans of the Rakshasas. But the world agenda has now changed from destruction to maintenance, with peace and prosperity for all mankind. So, this initiative of weakening the population must be eliminated.
  • Reverse the deadly decision to vaccinate infants and totally clean up the Vaccine Industry, eliminating all legal protection from Big Pharma, the number of vaccines will be reduced to a handful of clean, important vaccines that absolutely do no harm. There will be no more flu vaccines. This one destructive initiative by the global elite must be ended immediately.
  • Repeal Obamacare and return to a system of private insurance companies competing for the business of the American people. Implement a system of ‘Lifestyle Credits’ that will result in much lower insurance premiums for those who adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Create a permanent endowment to fund Social Security and Medicare and make this endowment off-limits to politicians.
  • Implement term limits for both the House and Senate
  • Create an Interstate High-speed Rail system connecting all medium to large metropolitan areas. Domestic air travel will almost totally be replaced by these 300 MPH bullet trains. Airports will be used for International travel and they will dramatically shrink in size, complexity and number
  • Modernize all of the country's nuclear facilities to use the newer, totally safe configuration with zero radioactive waste. Sponsor the development of community sized and individual home sized, perfectly safe, nuclear reactors
  • Eliminate 5G
  • Eliminate all federal gun regulations
  • Eliminate all federal drug laws and the ATF
  • Total revision of the FDA to ban all Big Pharma drugs that have minimal effectiveness and deadly side-effects.
  • Enact all measures to dramatically reduce the size of the Federal Government. We believe the people want a small and responsive Federal Government that supports all of the citizens with minimalist regulations and laws, and this is empowering fir every American to achieve their dream.” Juan Tabo said.

Amanda was furiously taking notes and completed a few minutes after Juan Tabo became silent. She looked up from her notebook and said. “This is the most incredible Political Platform ever!

The United States and the world are ready for this now. This Platform will have broad popular support, but the old, entrenched politicians will fight it. When they do, their constituents will lose favor of them and these politicians will be voted out of office. It will take a full 8 years to make this Platform a reality, but I am sure you can do it.” Said Juan Tabo.

Please begin today, creating your website, setting up your campaign office and staff. I would like to see you have your first rally next week.” Juan Tabo said as he stood up to leave.

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rajni dave, kanpur india , September 20, 2019 at 12:47 AM | Reply
good start with positive thinking to spread love and peace in the world.some how i fee one project at a time will be better.first to focus on launch of chudala -1.and then proceed to second.best wishes for every thing
Tapani Vaulsto, Finland , September 11, 2019 at 10:03 AM | Reply
The idea of having a wife and husband as president and vice president - it is good from the angle of readers’ emotional life. From a European perspective, it implies deep corruption ~ nepotism.

Another point is that the whole world is under the fear of US military forces.
For and Against - Political wrestling takes place in all European countries. Ukraine is still in a state of turmoil. The Crimean peninsula is peaceful.

Ukraine is an amazing country. There have been two political movements that have undermined the president's power. There are also outside forces trying to build a dispute in Ukraine between Europe and Russia. Like the countries of the Caucasus Mountains after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

All EU countries are in a boiling state or like the Milk Ocean that was churning by Gods.

Here, too, in Finland, the president praised the New World Order 6-7 years after he was first elected. That spring, he traveled to the NATO Summit in Chigago. Now the US Army has a host country agreement here.

Official name to the agreement between Finland and NATO:
“Memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the government of the Republic of Finland and Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation as well as Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe regarding the provision of Host Nation Support for the execution of NATO operations / exercises / similar military activity)”
By this I mean that a perspective other than US domination is more popular outside the US.

Maharishi saw Finland as the head of Europe. It's like on a map.

The Moroccan card of the Chudala game gives hope to the developing world.

Women in power (shakti):
Like Brahma and Sarasvati,
Vishnu and Laksmi,
Shiva and Parvati.

The background force of women leaders needs a clearer pattern.

Is it possible to turn clone Amanda into a real person?

I'm not sure about the idea of ??teaching children at home. The power of the collective consciousness of the village or village school.
Kevin Trainor, LA, CA , September 10, 2019 at 10:52 PM | Reply
Like I said great story. It seems you have an endless source. Good job.

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