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Atma-Jiva Meditation


There is a wonderful technique for direct communication with God from our friends at O&O Academy that they call Soul Sync. Practicing the Great Soul Sync is entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness intentions become actualities. Heart-felt desires are fulfilled. Life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind.

Soul Sync Meditation

According to O&O, the benefits of regularly practicing Soul Sync are:

  • Your brain fog is cleared and you experience greater inner coherence
  • You will grow happier and more peaceful.
  • You will attract love and abundance in life.
  • You will create harmonious external situations.

We are sharing this technique with you today and adding some of our insights of this powerful technique, which we like to call the Atma-Jiva Meditation, for reasons that we will explain in detail in this article.

Here is a recording of Preethaji from O&O guiding this meditation. We find it useful to listen to this recording and perform the meditation a few times with this recording to learn the steps of the meditation, then we perform this meditation in silence. The steps of the meditation are:

  1. count 8 breaths
  2. audible "hum" on exhalation for 8 breaths
  3. count 8 breath pauses
  4. silently think "aham" on exhalation for 8 breaths
  5. expand your consciousness to unbounded awareness
  6. make your request for God's Blessing

Soul Sync / Atma-Jiva Meditation

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When you learn the steps, this meditation will take about 7 minutes to perform. Preethaji says if you practice this meditation faithfully every day, 5 times a day for 48 days, your brain will begin a new program of experience of this beautiful state of the unbounded self throughout your daily life.

So how does this meditation accomplish such a wonderful outcome? This takes us to our name for Soul Sync, which we call Atma-Jiva Meditation.Let's look at the components of this name:

In this universe there are billions of Jivas incarnating into human form for the ultimate purpose of achieving Moksha. Jiva is also called the Soul - this is the reincarnating entity that goes from life to life, taking both human and non-human life forms.

S'iva/Krishna/JivaThe Jiva is the fundamental, non-eternal life unit of every evolving being - tiny fragments of S'iva/Krishna, the Eternal Omnipresent Reality of Pure Consciousness.

A Jiva is the essence or soul of an individual evolving being. Each one of us is the caretaker of a Jiva. However, most think they ARE the Jiva. The Jiva  came into existence as separate from S’îva by its own choice and intention to be an independent being. That is, every Jiva is entirely a self -created being. It is as if from an ocean, a tiny droplet of water spontaneously emerges into the atmosphere of its own volition. Thus Jivas are constantly and spontaneously emerging from Krishna and moving away from S’îva into the realm of materiality.

We can trace the emergence of a single jîva from the body of Krishna and follow it through its entire course of evolution, which ultimately culminates in one of the following two situations:

  1. jîva merges back into the body of Krishna (True Unity Consciousness), or 
  2. jîva merges into Krishna Consciousness (Level 5 Moksha) – this only happens if the jîva has achieved Brahman Consciousness (Level 4 Moksha) or Level 5 Moksha) by the end of the Universe in which it has existed.

During the journey of a Jiva we will see how all that we might now think of as not consciousness, really is consciousness after all.

Jiva - stone statueBut earlier I wrote "most think they ARE the Jiva." - what exactly does this mean? Who are we if we are not a Jiva? There is a place that is eternal and within that place are innumerable eternal Beings along with Krishna. This place is called Goloka. It is the eternal, Absolute Universe. We are the eternal companions of Krishna (named the Gopis and Gopas in Vedic Literature) who are here in this universe to be the caretakers of the Jivas of this universe. We perform this service for Krishna, who provides the environment for all of the Jivas to learn and explore being separate and one day each Jiva decides to come back home to Krishna.  It is like the parent providing a safe place to play for the child and awaits for the time when the child returns home. The parent sends a nanny with the child who wants to go to the park to play, for its safety and protection. The Gopis and Gopas, and each one of us is ultimately one of these Gopis or Gopas, and are the nannies of the Jivas.

At first in life, we identify with the Jiva or ego and find our life is full of conflict, emotions and problems. Then, with the practice of meditation, we learn to detach from the ego and witness our life from Higher Consciousness or the Atman. Following this we acquire the Advanced Technique of the Esoteric Maha-Mantra that allow us to see that we are more than the incarnating Jiva in this universe and we are more than the Atman. We discover that we have an eternal existence in the Absolute Realm of Goloka and a companion of Krishna.

Ultimately, the Atma-Jiva Meditation is a tool for you (as the eternal Absolute Being) to connect with Krishna and ask for the Blessings required by your Atma-Jiva. If you have not yet realized your Absolute Existence, then use the meditation to receive the Blessings of Krishna in your life. This meditation is an excellent way to begin Transcendental Meditation (TM) or Atmavedi Meditation (AM). After this meditation you are established in the highest consciousness you are capable of, which is a great platform for even deeper transcendence.  If you do not practice TM or AM then you can still benefit from the Atma-Jiva Meditation, but you will gain much greater benefit if you practice it along with TM or AM.

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Harish chandra joshi , Almora in india , October 8, 2018 at 10:15 PM | Reply
Questions = l am with my younger brother facings problem in life. We are facing problems of debt. My whole family in loan in money. We both not have good income source for solve this huge debt. Is in spiritual world any solution for us?? Jai gurudev
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , October 9, 2018 at 10:11 AM | Reply
This is most uncomfortable karma to experience, so ask for the Blessing of Lord Krishna to bring money into your life. This Blessing will balance some of this karma. Perform the Atma-Jiva meditation 5 times a day and ask for Lord Krishna's Blessing each time. Soon you will have relief.

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