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The Ascension of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Our beloved Guru, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, ascended to Brahma Loka on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 at 7:00 pm CET (Vlodrop, The Netherlands). Shortly after His Ascension, we asked Maharishi what would be the change in our relationship? He replied that we will enjoy a greater intimacy and a much deeper connection now that some of His attention is no longer drawn to support His physical body. He will be with us for 1,000 years to continue the work of creating heaven on earth from His vantage at the right hand of Lord Brahma.

Maharishi has so expertly and lovingly guided me these past 30 years. He brought me out of the depths of despair and despondency that I found myself engulfed in as a young man with His Transcendental Meditation technique. I remember so clearly that Wednesday evening when I attended the Introductory Lecture at the TM center. Just the night before I was considering how best to end my life which seemed to be spiraling down into chronic ill health, depression, financial ruin and despair. A friend, noticing my very somber mood, mentioned that maybe TM would help. She knew little about TM other than it helped her uncle stop smoking and he seemed so much happier after starting to meditate. I immediately became interested - something about the words "Transcendental Meditation" just resonated deeply with me and had a strange uplifting effect.

"How do I learn this TM?" I asked. She said there is a place in town and I checked the phone book, found the listing for Transcendental Meditation Center and called to find out there will be an Introductory Lecture tomorrow night at 8pm. I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night, yet I was also filled with peace and calm. Something very good was going to happen tomorrow night!


I arrived 10 minutes early for the lecture at the TM center, a large, older home at the edge of the city business district, on the corner with a large sign in the yard "Transcendental Meditation Center". The living room was setup for the free introductory lecture with about 30 canvas "director" chairs. I was one of the first to arrive and sat in the back row. A bright smiling woman about my age, dressed in a business suit, greeted me and I felt at home and welcome. The room had a picture of Maharishi and a podium and those 30 chairs, soon to fill up with others mostly my age.

The woman introduced herself as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. She spoke on the benefits of TM including scientific research about how it helps asthma. Well, that struck a cord because I had suffered with chronic asthma since age 4. It was getting much worse and I was taking medication several times a day just be able to breathe. I was so dependent on the medication and the dosage was steadily increasing that I could easily see the day coming when no amount of medication would help. But that as not all, there was the mention of greater peace that mediators reported, an overall improvement in the quality of life. Plus she said that world peace is created one person at a time and that by meditating I would be helping to create world peace.

Ok, I was totally sold on this - actually I was sold at the front door before even taking my seat at the lecture that night. I did not care what it cost or what I had to do to get this technique. I wanted it now!

His Divinity
Brahmanada Sarasvati

She said that all who were interested in learning the technique should come back the following night for another free lecture to prepare to learn TM. I came back the next night. This time there were only about seven of us in the room. She introduced us to Guru Dev by showing a picture of His Divinity Brahmanada Sarasvati and said this is Maharishi's Guru and the one who gave Maharishi the TM technique. We scheduled an appointment for Saturday morning at 10am for the personal instruction.

I arrived on time with my fruit and flowers and handkerchief as instructed and was ushered into a room where an altar was setup. On the altar was a picture of Guru Dev with a candle, an incense holder with 3 sticks of smoking incense, a small bowl of water, another small bowl of rice. There were also two other small brass dishes, one with a bit of tan powder in it and the other with what looked like salt in it. On the left side of the table was a basket where she placed my flowers and fruit and the handkerchief I brought. In front of the altar were 2 chairs and I was asked to stand in front of one of the chairs and witness the ceremony of gratitude that she was going to perform.

When I left the TM Center that morning I felt great! My depression was gone, I was filled with a new sense of peace and happiness that I had never known before. Soon I discovered that the asthma was under my control - all I had to do was meditate to calm an attack. Over the next few months the asthma became just a mild annoyance instead of the crippling center of my life. Later, Maharishi removed almost all traces of asthma during Teacher Training, then during a meeting when I was on Purusha, He cleaned up the trace that was left. My finances improved to the point that I stopped worrying about money. And amazingly I lost the "need" to smoke - it just went away and I quit smoking that day when I learned TM.

Over the next few months I took every possible course offered at the TM center: Residence Courses, The Science of Creative Intelligence, Advanced Lectures, and the TM-Sidhi course. Meanwhile I read every book I could find on yoga, Maharishi, His Commentary on the Bhagavad-GitaScience of Being, in fact I first read everything on yoga and metaphysics that the small local library had, then moved on to a larger library and finally had to go to the main library downtown. My life changed again in December of that year when I saw Maharishi for the first time at an advanced TM-SIdhi course.

Maharishi's Achievements

During the 50 years that Maharishi served mankind in a physical body, he accomplished so much good to bring an end to suffering and create a strong foundation for invincibility for every individual and every nation, that even the Celestial hosts are amazed. His is an incarnation that has set the highest the standard of service for all who aspire to Brahman Consciousness. Please join me in celebrating His accomplishments! The following is a brief summary that you are sure to enjoy. The page requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Maharishi continues to have the greatest positive evolutionary influence on my life and the world, and I love Him dearly.

Jai Guru Dev

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