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The Âtmavedî III Course provides everything you need to make significant progress in the life-transforming process that will ultimately result in Brahman Consciousness for you.

Jyotish - Jyotish means light on the path - an invaluable gift from the Creator, Lord Brahma, that not only reveals to us the karma we carry, but also provides a means to rise above this web of karma to the realms of blissful life in Brahman Consciousness. Those who are seeking to improve their happiness and fulfillment in life are invited to enjoy the self-knowledge of S'rî Vyuha Jyotish

The Âtmavedî III Course includes

  • Your S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra to provide a link to your Web of Karma
  • S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Darshan Meditation
  • Yajñas for Balancing Karma - Averting the Danger and Rising Above Your Karma

Discover the roots of your life's karma and what can be done to rise above the influence of your karma. Through a unique perspective on this ancient science, coupled with a specific technique that you can practice, you can make significant progress everyday toward the bliss that is your birthright.

This book is personally printed for each person with their own S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Karma Analysis and personal techniques for balancing their karma.

a new and unique perspective on Jyotish

With the blessing of S'rî Vyuha, Guru Dev has given us a new and unique perspective on Jyotish that reveals significant underlying esoteric meanings behind this ancient science of prediction. Join us and discover the blissful core of your existence!

The S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra is uniquely designed to capture the holistic value of a person's karma. Through a technique of darshan meditation with a personal S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra, eons of accumulated karma are transmuted and the individual will begin to take large steps toward the goal of human existence - life in Brahman Consciousness.

The Âtmavedî III Course is a complete system of knowledge and techniques that can take the sincere practitioner all the way to Brahman Consciousness in the current lifetime.

To enroll in the Âtmavedî III Course.

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