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Yajña For Enjoying the Bliss of Brahman Consciousness

by Visvamitra


Lakshmi - Kubera Yagña Puja Table SmallYajña is a performance to create a strong link between the individual in physical life and an aspect of the individual in the celestial realm for the purpose of living in greater accord with the Universe. Yajñas are highly scientific and precise multi-dimensional esoteric techniques to invoke and direct the transcendental cosmic energy into concrete, tangible and constructive fruits. In Brahman Consciousness, one lives in perfect harmony with the Universe. Every individual that is in physical form is attached to a package of karma that defines the life experience. When this package of karma is balanced, then one can live in perfect harmony with the Universe.

Ayam Yajño Vishwasya Bhuvanasya nabhihi” (Atharva Veda 9/15/14). It means Yajñas are the central focus of the Universe. When Lord Brahma created the Universe, He created Yajña to fulfill material and spiritual needs.

Almost every act from ego volition results in unbalanced karma. Unbalanced karma is a potential for reaction or a seed for action, waiting for the opportune moment to express itself and thereby become balanced. Unbalanced karma accumulates from life to life with only a small part getting balanced in a particular life and usually more new unbalanced karma is generated in every life until there are "mountain ranges" of unbalanced karma associated with most individuals. At the moment of birth, the arrangement of the planets and constellations produce a snapshot of the karma that is scheduled for balancing in the life. This snapshot of unbalanced karma may be viewed in a Jyotish chart.

There are several forms of Jyotish Charts. The two on the left in the image below respesent the charts used in Northern and Southern India for jyotish analysis. The one on the right is the Sri Chakra Yantra format which is actually the Yantra of the individual and can be use to not only create a standard jyotish analysis but also to connect the physical individual directly to the subtle, Celestial body of the individual. We use the Sri Chakra Yantra format in the yagñas. Please click here to receive your free, personal Sri Chakra Yantra format Jyotish Chart.

Comparison of Jyotish Charts

To balance the karma for this life, there are a total of 12 SriVyuha Jyotish Yajñas that you can perform. Here is a list of these yajñas and on the right is an example of the composite yantra that is used in the performance. The yantra of the Graha is on top and the yantra of the individual below. This composite yantra connects the subtle body if the individual with the Graha who exists in the Celestial Realm.

  1. Yajña Yantra ExampleSurya Yajña
  2. Chandra Yajña
  3. Budh Yajña
  4. Shukra Yajña
  5. Kuja Yajña
  6. Guru Yajña
  7. Shani Yajña
  8. Rahu Yajña
  9. Ketu Yajña
  10. Jaya Yajña
  11. Vijaya Yajña
  12. RadhaKrishna Yajña

In addition to these twelve personal yajñas, there are several different kinds of yajñas, and most are performed by pandits who are perform yajñas as a profession. These yajñas are very valuable but are not permanent karma corrections. They only put a bandage Lakshmi Kubera Yagna - Smallover the karma that is zooming forth at the moment to soften the blow. The SriVyuha Yajñas are different. They must be personally performed by each individual who is striving to attain Brahman Consciousness, and they permanently shield the individual from all personal karma, for life.

Imagine having no personal karma - no "bad" karma and no "good" karma. Life is lived in equanimity with nothing to pull you from service to the Divine.

There is one catch - how does one obtain financial support necessary for modern life in Kaliyug? There is no karma to bring wealth into the life. The answer to this delimma is the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña. With the full cooperation of Mahalakshmî, who exists in Her Absolute Body in Goloka, and through Her Expansion into this universe as Lakshmî, a yajña was created to connect devotees of Krishna in this universe with Kubera, the Celestial Treasurer, so that the wealth required by the devotees could flow into their lives. 

As you advance on the path to Brahman Consciousness, it is imperative that you should establish the Âtma-Narayana Kavach to protect your body and mind from asuric influence.

The Kavach is a gift of Lord Krishna to Indra for his protection, from the S'rimad Bhagavatam 6.8. It works on the Astral or Pranamaya Kosha realm where there is the possibility of asuric influence. The Kavach is a prerequisite for performing the yajñas to the Grahas.

DhanvantriThe final ingredient for a peaceful life in service to the Divine is a perfectly healthy physiology. To accomplish this we enlist the cooperation of the Celestial Physician, the Dhanvantri. The Dhanvantri works on the subtle bodies and, in cooperation with the deva of your body, establishes perfect health on all levels of the physiology.  Perfect health does not mean just a healthy Kaliyug physiology, it means a perfectly healthly Satyug physiology. There is a vast difference between the "healthy" Kaliyug physiology and a perfectly healthy Satyug physiology.

  • In Satyug the human physiology is a near perfect model of the Absolute Body in Goloka. This body will survive in perfect health and vitality for 100,000 years. There is no aging or decline in functions and appearance - instead the life is lived in a youthful, adult physiology until the individual decides to let go and move on. This body has the full 12-strands of DNA in active mode, an IQ of 10,000 or higher, and is completely free of all disease.
  • In Kaliyug the human physiology is barely alive, a faint shadow of the perfect Absolute Body in Goloka, with only 2-strands of DNA active, an IQ of about 100 and a maximum lifespan of about 100 years. In the final half of the life there is rapid degeneration and aging and loss of vitality and function. 

The only reason the Dhanvantri is making the Satyug physiology available to us now in the depths of Kaliyug is the approaching Krishna Golden Age. We now have the opportunity to be the first generation of this 10,000 year Satyug. A special yajña to the Dhanvantri will invoke His presence and attention in the life and allow this important transformation into a Satyug physiology to take place.

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