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Sri Vyuha Ashram Charter Membership


Satyug Sanctuary Pyramids LogoOn February 12, 2014, we inaugurated the first facility for the Sri Vyuha Ashram. This Ashram will eventually be a very large Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid that will provide facilities for 300 residents, all dedicated to accomplishing the goal of human existence.The facility will contain 300 suites, each one about 400 square feet in size. This pyramid will be constructed according to the patented design of the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid, complete with Prana Panels and will provide total protection from electromagnetic radiation. On the South face will be solar panels that will provide all the power required for the facility. Each floor of this pyramid will be made of powerful ceramic magnets to provide the residents with the necessary magnetic field for optimal evolution and to simulate the Satyug environment where the lifespan is 100,000 years.  The center of the pyramid will be a large open atrium for group meditations and meetings.

The funds from the initial Charter Memberships are being used to create 15 personal sized Satyug Sanctuary Pyramids, to establish the foundation of the Ashram to host 15 residents. Phase II will be the construction of the large Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid for 300, on land that we already own in the mountains of New Mexico.

Charter Membership for the Sri Vyuha AshramCharter Membership for the Sri Vyuha Ashram entitles you to Course Credits equal to the cost of the Charter Membership, plus you receive a 10% discount on all course fees, for life. All installments must be paid before your Charter Membership is available for use.

You can purchase a Charter Membership for the Sri Vyuha Ashram in the following ways:

  1. Single payment (required if you are planning to attend within the next 30 days): https://www.srivyuha.org?addcart=product,89
  2. Three monthly payments (if you are planning to attend after the next 90 days): https://www.srivyuha.org?addcart=product,90
  3. Twelve monthly payments (if you are planning to attend after 1 year): https://www.srivyuha.org?addcart=product,92