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Brahman Consciousness

The purpose of S'rî Vyuha is to provide the knowledge and techniques for initiating the transformation of human consciousness into the eternal bliss of Brahman Consciousness - the ultimate achievement of a human existence.

Brahman Consciousness is that supreme level of life in which your every thought, word and act is spontaneously in accord with the Will of God. One who lives in Brahman Consciousness is literally the Divine incarnate, always acting in perfect accord with all the Laws of Nature and radiating a life supporting and uplifting influence to everyone he or she contacts.

A lifetime in which Brahman Consciousness is attained is sublime beyond description on all levels. There is no higher aspiration for life and the amazing truth is that Brahman Consciousness is open to all sincere individuals... [more >>]


Your Spiritual Journey
The decision to embark on your spiritual journey to Brahman Consciousness is the natural outcome of mature thinking... [more >>]

Atman is Your Guide
Your Âtman is your personal direct connection with God - no one knows you better or loves you more than your Âtman... [more >>]


Experiences Along the Way
As a unique individual in a universe structured in consciousness, your spiritual experiences will be unique but identifiable within specific archetypes... [more >>]

Knowledge - Courses of Study
Knowledge is structured in consciousness and correct knowledge transforms the way you experience the universe... [more >>]


Sri Vyuha - the Association
S'rî Vyuha is a non-profit association of sincere individuals dedicated to attaining Brahman Consciousness... [more >>]

Atmavedi - the First Course
The Âtmavedî Course provides everything you need to initiate the life-transforming process that will result in Brahman Consciousness for you... [more >>]


Our gift to you is your personal S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra. This colorful graphic depicts your karma for this lifetime in a unique way that resonates with your Âtman...

[more >>]


Shield your life from the most troublesome karma with your personal S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Yajña by Vis'vamitra for only $54 - this is half the normal price of $108...

[more >>]