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Your Âtman is your personal direct connection with God - no one knows you better or loves you more than your Âtman. Who is your Âtman and why does your Âtman know you so well?

To answer this we must start at the beginning of your existence - at the moment of the first separation from Unity with the Divine. This moment of separation is known as the first "mistake of the intellect" or pragya-aparadh.

Consciousness is the basic substratum of existence and within consciousness everything we take as "reality" is actually nothing more than a knowledge construct. We perceive these knowledge constructs in consciousness through the discriminatory power of the intellect. However, the intellect is really a tool of false knowledge because the reality is Unity - there is nothing to discriminate because there is ultimately no difference.

Everything is consciousness and all that we mistake as individuality does not exist. In an ongoing comedy of errors we commit pragya-aparadh over and over again until we finally reach Brahman Consciousness or cease to exist independently in Unity Consciousness.

God is Love, pure and simple. God is everything and we are not independent of God. However, because we are made in His Image, we have the power to declare ourselves independent and everyone has done just that. In our arrogant independence of God we made mistake after mistake due to our limited knowledge.

If we are made in the Image of God, why do we not have all of His Knowledge? We do but have lost the means to access it now. At the moment we declared ourself independent of God, eons and eons ago, we had full knowledge. But we also had a defect - we had less Love due to the break away from God. We broke away out of arrogance - wanting to be like God, better than God even, after all we had all this knowledge.

But the very act of breaking with God destroyed some bit of our Love and with that destruction was sown the seeds of our ruin. Tremendous knowledge without equal Love leads to increasing arrogance. We made mistakes - used our knowledge for personal gain at the expense of others. God never does that because of His Perfect Love. In our imperfect love we trampled on the rights and freedoms of others and generated ungrounded energies and karma.

Sri ChakraOver time we "fell" from Grace more and more, accumulating more and more mistakes which, as ungrounded energies and karma, accumulated in our S'rî Chakra. When we broke from Unity with God, He gave us a wonderful Gift - an extension of Himself to be with us at all times and be available for guidance and protection if we ask for it. This extension of God is your Âtman.

There is no difference between your Âtman and God except that your Âtman is yours exclusively, bearing the full load of your karma at all times. Your karma was generated during physical lifetimes and by now the collection is vast - mountain ranges of karma. Yet God Loves you so he bears most of this burden and only lets you carry a tiny fragment into each life.

God Loves you so He silently bears this burden and waits for you to come home again. If you will come home He will vaporize the entire load of your karma and welcome you with open arms.

The S'rî Chakra Maha-Videha Programme, which starts with the Âtmavedî Course, will show you the way to communicate with your Âtman again and your Âtman will show you the way back home.

Jai Guru Dev!



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