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The decision to embark on your spiritual journey to Brahman Consciousness is the natural outcome of mature thinking. When you consider the purpose of your life on earth, what can be the conclusion? Is life a meaningless, chaotic and random event or is there a Divine Plan at work behind the scenes?

We do not ask you to accept anything on blind faith, but will show you practical techniques for proving to yourself that life is not meaningless, not meant to be chaotic and certainly there is a Divine Plan created by a real and personal Being who loves you and want you to become one with Him.

It is possible and not difficult to communicate in a real and meaningful way with God - two-way communication in which God will respond immediately and directly to you. God has given you and every other human being on earth a personal and direct line of contact with Him. This contact is established through the S'rî Chakra that surrounds your body and within which your consciousness exists.

Spiritual JourneyThe S'rî Chakra is a knowledge construct that has geometric form in the subtle material of consciousness. It is real - as real as your physical body - but due to its subtle nature most will not perceive it without proper training. The S'rî Chakra is like your personal two-way radio or cell-phone that has a direct line to God. It is an antennae that resonnates with the Consciousness of God. Unfortunately, due to the eons of accumulated karma and a lifetime of accumulated ungrounded emotional and mental energies, the S'rî Chakra of most individuals is almost non-functional as a Divine communications device.

The practical knowledge and techniques of the S'rî Chakra Maha-Videha Programme will completely restore your S'rî Chakra to its original, perfect functioning. The result is that your life will come into perfect synchrony with the Life of the Divine and you will experience everything from His Perspective. This is Brahman Consciousness and Brahman Consciousness is freely available to you and every human being.

It is your birthright and duty as a human being to know the Mind of God and live in the eternal Bliss of Brahman Consciousness. In fact, nothing is more important in life than the Spiritual Journey that is the Path to Brahman Consciousness. A life in Brahman Consciousness is worth living and spreads its Grace bringing hope, peace and joy to all.



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