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Your Spiritual Journey

S'rî Vyuha provides the full range of knowledge courses and reference articles to support your quest for Brahman Consciousness. Your Journey will be a unique experience - it is for everyone - but the steps along the way are the same for all. You decide how to begin and when to take your first step from the variety of choices available to you.

ArticlesAt the S'rî Vyuha website you will find a collection of more than 200 articles about all aspects of Brahman Consciousness, the cosmology of the celestial realms, Jyotish, techniques for atuning your consciousness with the Divine, and many insightful glimpses into the inner workings of the universe. You can puruse these articles at your own pace, letting each one lead you to the next by the extensive hyperlinking found in each article.

Books Vis'vamitra has written several books for you that will provide the consolidated reference source you need as you progress on the Path to Brahman Consciousness. The first book in the series, Âtmavedî, Part I, is available on-line and we recommend that you read this one first, perhaps even before you start on the articles. The other books in the series are quite unique - each one is prepared individually and especially for the intended owner. Âtmavedî, Part II comes with several personal S'akti activated tools that you can use to communicate with your Âtman. Jyotish is a completely custom book that addresses your particular maze of karma in depth. Maha-Samjivini provides the techniques and tools for establishing perfect health, and Spandas'akti is an advanced text for those well along the Path that reveals the transformations for physical immortality.

ConsultationsPersonal consultation with Vis'vamitra is available to answer your questions and provide the personal assistance you may require along the way. The consultations that are available include

  • Jyotish - for discovering the unique characteristics of your own maze of karma and techniques for rising above your karma to reach Brahman Consciousness
  • S'akti - techniques for creating perfect health utilizing the Maha-Samjivini Yantras
  • Sthapatya - how to create the ideal living environment to support your quest for Brahman Consciousness

CoursesThe first course that everyone should take is the Âtmavedî Course. This is a home study course that covers the complete knowledge and techniques in the Âtmavedî series of books. It is presented as 12 video tape lessons that you can enjoy at our own pace. This course is the pre-requisite for all the in-residence courses.

When you are ready to begin the advanced meditation practices of the S'rî Chakra Maha-Videha Programme, there are several in-residence courses available ranging from 7 days to 7 years in duration. This courses are conducted by Vis'vamitra at the S'rî Vyuha Ashram in Cedar Crest, New Mexico, USA.



Our gift to you is your personal S'rî Vyuha Jyotish Chakra. This colorful graphic depicts your karma for this lifetime in a unique way that resonates with your Âtman...

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