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Your Spiritual Journey

S'rî Vyuha presents the tools, techniques and practices that direct you toward your Âtman and Self-Realization of your own Divine essence. As you work with the knowledge, your experiences will unfold because knowledge paves the way for richer experience and experience plows the gound for deeper knowledge. Your Âtman will never ask you to advance on faith, but instead will give you the concrete experiences you need along the way so that every step is comfortable and right for you.

As you progress on the Path of Brahman Consciousness with the loving guidance of your Âtman, you will marvel at the increased quality of your life. The richness of the experience of being intimately connected with the Divine 24 hours a day cannot be expressed in words but must be lived, and by everyone. No one is denied this rich experience - it is available to all sincere seekers.

Day by day your fears, doubts, anxieties, anger, intolerance, insecurities, and all of your troublesome emotions and mental constructs will fade away - never to return. This is the miracle of Divine Transmutation that works silently, comfortably behind the scenes, starting the moment you enter onto the Path.

Your Âtman will assume full responsiblity for the changes, purification, and growth necessary to advance your experience to Brahman Consciousness. Your responsibility is reduced to cooperation. It may remind you of being a small child again with only the responsibility of simple cooperation - your loving parents assuming the full responsibility for your health and welfare.

There is no joy greater than becoming the child of God again.

Jai Guru Dev



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