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A Family Is A Field Of Joy

Maharishi once said "A family is a field of joy" and we know that Maharishi's statements are deeply profound and can produce the awakening into Brahman Consciousness. This statement is particularily suitable for those who are in family situations. Sometimes the family situation is, on the surface, far from "a field of joy"! Severe health problems with children can occur and bring on much distress, the anxiety and pain caused by a teenager's drug use, the unfaithful spouse, or the death of a child are examples of family situations that appear on the surface to be nothing like a field of joy. So why would Maharishi make such a statement when family life is sometimes the apparent source of deep sorrow and misery?

Human life is a transition period on the ascending phase of the cycle of evolution, from the unconscious realms of nature to the superconscious realm of Brahman Consciousness. To make this transition we have to wake up from the dream of daily life. Have you noticed how in a dream, just before you wake up, it sometimes gets very violent or bizzare, actually forcing you to think "hey, I don't want to do this anymore - wake up!"

So called "waking state" human life is actually a dream from the perspective of Brahman Consciousness. We can at any time choose to wake up from this dream and become established in Brahman Consciousness. Then we look back and see how that whole period of life before was just like a dream where one is lost in a morass of ridiculous situations, sorrow, misery, happiness, unhappiness, etc.

It says in the Yoga Vashista:

  The imagery world
recedes from view
and falls like withered leaf.
The intellect,
cleared of the cloud of illusion,
which veiled the deluded mind,
shines as clear,
as the vault
of the autumn sky.

A family brings to us the particular wake up situations, over an over again, so that if we are conscious enough, we will heed the signals and make that wakup decision. This is why a family is a field of joy - in this "field" are planted the seeds of Brahman Consciousness!

Many people think, what is my life's purpose? why am I here? what is God's plan for my life? If you are having such thoughts, then you are beginning to wake up. If you do not heed these thoughts and wake up, then life may take a turn toward the bizzar, unreal, crazy, extreme distress that will grow and grow until you shout "enough!" and end the dream.

Eckart Tolle describes just such a situation in his life at the age of 29 that took him to the brink of suicide "I can no longer live with myself" he thought. Then he thought, "who is this 'I' that is thinking this thought?" and that lead to his awakening. There is a sense of self that is the knower - that witnesses the mind thinking its seemingly endless stream of worrisome thoughts. If one can step back from this stream of useless thinking and watch it from the perspective of the inner knower, then the first step of waking up has been taken. In my own life, the unbearable asuric attacks (an extreme form of mental activity) triggered the wakup.

It is not necessary for everyone to have such extreme situations in life to wake up to Brahman Consciousness, but when life presents these extreme situations, they should be recognized as an opportunity to turn away from the dream. Life serves up these extreme situations from the mountain ranges of karma that we all own. So the first thing to realize is that nothing happens by accident or out of "unfairness" to us. Whatever is happening in life is deserved from the reaction of past actions in this or another lifetime. Then, if this is the case, we must simply accept the situation of life, however extreme and "unacceptable" it is. Acceptance is the one most powerful techniques for waking up. Saying "NO" to life's situations strengthens the ego and pushes one deeper into the dream of ignorance. Saying "yes - this situation is as it should be, a part of my life's karma and I am now experiencing an unpleasant or painful situation as a result" weakens the ego and moves one closer to the dawn of Brahman Consciousness.

Granted it is not always easy to say "yes" to what life throws at you, but when you can, it will be a good, positive step toward awakening. As the ego's hold on your consciousness weakens, the inner awareness of your true Self becomes more and more apparent. Brahman Consciousness is always there like the sun, but when the earth has rotated so that our side is away from the sun, we experience night. Like this when our ego turns our attention away from the inner source of our enlightenment to focus on surface level grievances and situations, we experience the darkness of our daily lives, full of drama, fear, anger, sadness, excitement, misery, sorrow and dispair.

So the first priority is to take life as it comes to us - another famous saying by Maharishi "take it as it comes" - is the real basis of the start of awakening to Brahman Consciousness. Say "yes" to the current situation in life and retire in consciousness to that place of inner spaciousness that is your true Self. Witness life unfold from that platform of bliss and enjoy the dawn of Brahman Consciousness.

Jai Guru Dev

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