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Âditya Hridayam

As we progress on the Path to Brahman Consciousness, we will all, as did S'rî Râm, slay Râvana. Râvana is the collection of karma and ungounded energy that is expressed as arrogance. To destroy arrogance, we must call upon our Âtman to give us the secret of how to do this. The Âditya Hridayam is that secret.

Chant the verses of the Âditya Hridayam three times at sunrise with devotion to your Âtman and hold in your heart the desire to transmute all traces of arrogance. The s'akti of Âditya Hridayam will build day after day and reach its peak after 1,000 repetitions, which will take about one year of regular daily practice. Each day your Âtman will transmute one layer of the Râvana energy and the sum-total of your arrogance will diminish.

In the Ramayana, Râvana has ten heads. This is symbolic of the many layers of arrogance that we have accumulated in the eons of our existence. When Râm battles the demon, he first cuts off a head with an arrow, but another one grows back. Again and again he cuts off a head, and again and again it grows back. Why did not Râm strike at the heart of Râvana? This is because Râvana was holding Sîta captive there in his heart. As the battle continues, eventually the sustained attack upon Râvana, severing head after head, weakens and distracts Râvana to the point that the image of Sîta disappears from his heart for a moment. At that moment, Râm strikes again and pierces the heart of Râvana, slaying him.

Arrogance has such a deep rooted grip on us that our Âtman cannot transmute it all at once without destroying the innocent ego (Sîta) that we need to sustain life in Brahman Consciousness. However, if we will weaken Râvana by a determined and sustained attack through the regular and daily chanting of the Âditya Hridayam, one day the time will come when it is possible for your Âtman to strike the final blow and transmute the remaining block of arrogance. Then you will be free to enter into Brahman Consciousness.

Jai Guru Dev!

1. Tato yuddha parish-antam samare chintayâ sthitam
        râvanam châgrato drishtvâ yuddhâya samu-pasthitam   

Seeing (S’rî Ram) standing absorbed in the thought of the battlefield, exhausted by the fight, and Râvana facing him, duly prepared for an encounter,


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