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About S'rî Vyuha

S'rî Vyuha is a non-profit association dedicated to helping sincere individuals attain Brahman Consciousness.

Guru Dev has only recently challenged us to organize and begin teaching. Our first project has been to erect our Website and offer the articles, books, courses and consultations that Guru Dev has inspired.

If you elect to participate in these offerings, we will be available to provide the support and assistance you need to reach the goal. The path leading to Brahman Consciousness is not for the faint of heart. Eons of karma and a lifetime of ungrounded energies must be carefully worked through.

You will need perfect physical and mental health, however we can help you to restore your health through the wonderful Maha-Samjivini Yantras and S'akti provided by the Grace of Guru Dev.

To make good progress on this Path you will eventually need to make a significant time commitment to engage in the regular practice of the S'rî Chakra Maha-Videha Programme.

However, you can and should start your voyage only part-time and go slowly at first for maximum comfort. For this we have the Âtmavedî series that will give you the knowledge and techniques to establish communication with your Âtman, activate your S'rî Chakra, purify your living environment, and begin to create your perfect health.

We invite you to become a member of S'rî Vyuha and welcome your participation!

Jai Guru Dev,


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