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Aditya Hridayam - 20-25

 20. Tamoghnâya himaghnâya shatrughnâya-amitâmane
        kritaghna ghanâya devâya jyotishâm pataye namah:   

Salutations to You (my Âtman) the dispeller of darkness, the destroyer of cold, the exterminator of foes, the one whose extent is immeasurable, the destroyer of the ungrateful, the God who is ruler of all lights.

 21. Tapta-châmikarâ-bhâya vahnaye vis’va-karmane
        namastamo’bhi-nighnâya ruchaye loka sâks’ine   

Salutations to You (my Âtman), possessing the luster of refined gold, the dispeller of ignorance, the architect of the universe, the uprooter of darkness, splendor incarnate, the witness of the world.

 22. Nâs’aya-tyesha vai bhûtam tadeva srijati prabhuh:
        pâya-tyesha tapa-tyesha varsha-tyesha gabha-stibhih:   

(O Râma), the aforesaid Lord (your Âtman) alone actually destroys, brings into existence and sustains (all) that has come into existence. He alone radiates heat by His rays and sends showers.

 23. Esha supteshu jâgarti bhûteshu pari-nishthitah:
        esha evâgni-hotram cha phalam chaivâgni-hotrinâm   

Seated in all created beings (as their inner controller – the Âtman), He remains awake when they have fallen asleep. He himself is the act of pouring oblation into the sacred fire as well as the fruit attained by those who pour such oblation.

 24. Vedâshcha krata-vashchaiva kratûnâm phalameva cha
        yâni krithyâni lokeshu sarva esha ravi prabhuh:   

He himself is the scriptures, as well as the sacrifices as also the fruit of sacrifices. He alone (your Âtman) is the supreme controller of all activities which are found in all living beings.

 25. Ena-mâpatsu krichchreshu kântâreshu bhayeshu cha
        kirtayan purushah: kashchin nâva-sîdati raghava   

No individual, singing the glories of the Lord (his own Âtman) in great difficulties, in the woods as well as in the times of peril comes to grief, O! scion of Raghu.

 26. Pûja-yasvainam ekâgro deva-devam jagat-patim
        etat trigunitam japtva yuddheshu vijayi-shyasi   

Worship this Lord of the universe (your Âtman), the Supreme of all the celestials, with a concentrated mind. Chanting this praise three times one will be victorious in combats.

 27. Asmin kshane mahâbâho râvanam tvam vadhishyasi
        eva muktvâ tadâgastyo jagâma cha yathâgatam   

O! mighty-armed (Râma)! This very moment you will be able to slay Râvana. Saying so, the sage Agastya thereupon left in the same way as he had come.

 28. Eta-cchrutvâ mahâ-teja nashta-s’oko ‘bhavat-tadhâ   
        dhârayamâsa suprito raghavah: prayat-âtmavan

Hearing this advice, S’rî Râm, who is endowed with extraordinary energy, and has a subdued mind, finds his grief immediately dispelled. Feeling greatly delighted he retains (this hymn) in his memory.

 29. Âdityam prekshya japtva tu param harsham avâptavân
        trirâ-chamya shuchir bhûtvâ dhanu-râdhâya vîryavân   

Sipping water thrice (with the name of the Lord on his lips) and getting purified by looking intently on the orb of the sun (which represents the Âtman) and repeating this prayer, the valiant one (Râm) experiences supreme joy, seizing hold of his bow (gaining control over his mind).

 30. Râvanam preshya hrishtâtmâ yuddhâya samupâgamat
        sarva yahnena mahatâ vadhe tasya dhrito ‘bhavat   

Fixing his eyes on Râvana, (S’rî Râm) who fells delighted in mind, advances onto the battle-field and stands, vowing to slay Râvana with an intense and all-sided effort.

 31. Atha ravi ravadan nirikshya râmam
        muditamanâh: paramam prahashymânah:
        Nis’icharapati samkshayam vidhitvâ
        suragana-madhyagato vachastvareti   

Delighted in mind, seeing S’rî Râm feeling supremely exhilarated on perceiving the destruction of Râvana, the ruler of the night stalker, at hand, the sun-god (Âtman) standing (in person) in the midst of a host of devas, exclaims: ‘Make haste!'

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