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Initiation with Vis'vamitra


The following techniques require a personal initiation by Vis'vamitra:

  1. Meditation - this is the foundation technique for all the ones that follow. For details on this techique, please click here. You will need one Initiation meeting and 3 followup meetings on the 3 days following Initiation.
  2. Samyam on Estoeric Maha-mantra - visit Goloka and bring back a taste each time to help create the Golden Age for yourself and everyone!
  3. Samyam on the 16th Sutra of Patanjali for Remote Viewing - enroll in this initiation at the start of your Remote Viewing course, this is the 1st Lesson
  4. Samyam on the Maha-Videha Sutra of Patanjali to organize your karma to attend MahaVideha University
  5. Samyam on the Pineal Gland Activation Sutra of Patanjali to open your inner vision to the Celestial Realms
  6. Samyam on the Lucidity Sutra of Patanjali to gain the ability for lucid dreaming and experiences in the Pranamaya Kosha, independent of the physical body (also known as Astral Projection).

If you need one of these initiations, follow the instructions below to see the available dates and times.


To View my OPEN appointment times please make selections for your Time Zone and desired Appointment Type. Then press the "Show My Calendar" button:

  1. Select the desired type of appointment from this menu
Please select your Time Zone from the menu above and click the button to Show My Calendar
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