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Initiation with Vis'vamitra


The following techniques require a personal initiation by Vis'vamitra:

  1. Meditation - this is the foundation technique for all the ones that follow. For details on this techique, please click here. You will need one Initiation meeting and 3 followup meetings on the 3 days following Initiation.
  2. Samyam on Estoeric Maha-mantra - visit Goloka and bring back a taste each time to help create the Golden Age for yourself and everyone!
  3. Samyam on the 16th Sutra of Patanjali for Remote Viewing - enroll in this initiation at the start of your Remote Viewing course, this is the 1st Lesson
  4. Samyam on the Maha-Videha Sutra of Patanjali to organize your karma to attend MahaVideha University
  5. Samyam on the Pineal Gland Activation Sutra of Patanjali to open your inner vision to the Celestial Realms
  6. Samyam on the Lucidity Sutra of Patanjali to gain the ability for lucid dreaming and experiences in the Pranamaya Kosha, independent of the physical body (also known as Astral Projection).

If you need one of these initiations, follow the instructions below to see the available dates and times.

Visvamitra 2015 roundVisvamitra was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. He earned a BS in Mathematics and Physical Science from Central Missouri State University.

He studied with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from 1979, was made a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1981, and received the Outstanding Student Award while studying in Maharishi International University, having graduated with an MS in Psychology in 1987. He continued his studies there, and in Vlodrop, Holland under the direct guidance of Maharishi on his Post Graduate thesis “Topographic Brain Mapping and Higher States of Consciousness” in 1992. In 1995, he founded the Sri Vyuha Association (srivyuha.org) in New Mexico, USA, and remains its Head until the present.

In 2013, he founded MahaVideha University and MahaVideha School (mahavideha.org), where he remains as Professor of Divinity and teaches meditation and other techniques for gaining Higher States of Consciousness. In 2014, he created the Goloka website to explain the Absolute Realm of Goloka (goloka.org) and in 2015 he established the Goloka Project to create spiritual, sustainable communities worldwide (golokaproject.org).

He is also a physicist and Vedic scientist and the inventor of Atmavedi Crystals (2006), Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid (2014), Goloka Projector (2015), MahaYajna Vitara (2015), Krishna C60 Amrita (2015), Soma Rasa Vitara (2016), and Dhanvantri Vitara (2016).

Visvamitra formulated the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for reversal of aging and a limitedless life in 2014 (satyugkayakalpa.org) and he is the author of several books; his latest is Returning to Goloka published in 2015.



Atmavedi Meditation

Atmavedi Meditation consists of Dharana and Dhyana on a Sri Vidya mantra. This may seem complicated due to the use of the Sanskrit terminology, but it is quite simple in practice and easy to learn by anyone who can think a thought. The mantra is a vehicle of transcending that the mind follows to the deepest levels of consciousness in an effortless process. We experience our subtle bodies and the full range of the possiblities of the universe. This expands life to live in the state of full human potential and beyond to experience the freedom and liberation of Moksha... >> more

  Namaste Ananda Technique

Ananda Technique invokes the experience of Divine Love, pure Unconditional Love and Acceptance, on a very personal level. When we can experience this within our own heart, all knots of self-doubt, sadness, unhappiness, fear, depression and other negative emotions are dissolved in the Bliss of Divine Love and a glimpse of Moksha is gained. You will directly experience the Bliss that is your True Self ...  >> more
  Goloka Small Esoteric Maha-mantra

Krishna defines who are those pure devotees as those who perform samayama on Krishna's mantra. This mantra Krishna is referring to is the esoteric maha-mantra. In preparation for the Golden Age, Krishna has authorized the initiation into the practice of samyama on His esoteric maha-mantra to quickly establish Krishna Consciousness and a direct experience of Goloka and connection to your Absolute Self. ..   >> more
  Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing - 16th Sutra

This course is your initiation into samyam on the 16th Sutra of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Knowledge of Past and Future. This is part of the 1st lesson of the Remote Viewing Course and will give you the solid connection with the prana mind along with the programming to make your Remote Viewing successful. You will also be enrolled in the Remote Viewing course...  >> more

  Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland Activation Sutra

 This course is your initiation into samyam on the Pineal Gland Sutra of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Perceptions of the Celestial Realms. This is the 6th lesson of the Activate Pineal Gland Course and will give you the ability to perceive the Celestial Realms. You will also be enrolled in the Activate Pineal Gland Course...  >> more


Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Siddhis

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are the training manual for becoming the Lord Brahma of your own universe as a God Realized being.

The Vibuti Pada is the focus of this course to achieve the psychic abilities that are the basis of a fully developed human life. In the process, we will become experts in the practice of Samyama, the basis of all universal creativity...  >> more



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